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WordPress and CMS

Rivers Agency creates websites that are visually engaging, user-friendly and easy to update.

Our WordPress development services are known for producing websites that feature highly intuitive content management systems which allow our clients to update, manage and maintain sites themselves. And while we deliver WordPress solutions that are easy to maintain, we never sacrifice client support.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a robust content management systems (CMS) that is highly flexible and customizable, yet easy to use and update. A trusted open-source option, WordPress boasts a wealth of peer-reviewed documentation and upgrades. WordPress allows for flexible templates, integration of sophisticated media-rich tools and easy tagging of content. WordPress has a role-based login that allows for an approval process by allowing non-administrators to make and save edits for review and only allowing those with authorized access to publish the finalized revision to the live site.

WordPress is built following W3C standards for XHTML and CSS, ensuring that your site is more easily rendered across standards-compliant browsers. Aggregator support is built-in with a number of standard RSS configurations already done for you, as well as Atom. Following standards makes your WordPress site easier to manage, increases its longevity for future Internet technology adoption, and helps to give your site the widest audience possible.

What is a WordPress development service?

Rivers Agency’s WordPress development services build self-sustaining CMS using WordPress for your website. As an expert WordPress development company, Rivers Agency can build your WordPress website from the ground up. We work to deliver a seamless user experience, optimize SEO, reach Google Core Web Vitals goals and fit the aesthetics of website to your liking through our custom WordPress development.

WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Many components of your new WordPress website (news items, events, resources, etc.) will be updated constantly. When search engines crawl the site and read new content, the site’s natural content ranking increases.

Meta tagging in WordPress can be handled automatically for high content blogs. Doing so not only saves time when creating content, but also gives structure to the site and the relevant parts of content for accurate search results.

WordPress web development also features customizable permalink structures. Using the appropriate structure will put page titles into the URL, making particular pages easier to find in search engines.

What does a WordPress Developer do?

WordPress allows for a WordPress development company to create new pages, edit existing content, delete and archive older content, update news articles and publish media (images and video). Keeping a WordPress site up to date is simple and ensures security of your site and the availability of the latest technology. Additionally, updates can be accomplished in hours as opposed to weeks. Another plus of having a WordPress developer is the ability for even the most novice user to learn to use the WordPress system in order to update content. Our WordPress website development services will be on call for you down the road to maintain the site in whatever way it needs.

Why Hire a WordPress Developer?

When it comes to building a WordPress website, you will be best served having the services of a team experienced in WordPress development. Such a developer, like Rivers Agency, will understand WordPress completely and build your website so that it best meets your standards and goals. Hiring a WordPress developer will mean less of your time spent learning the basics of WordPress, a lower chance of your WordPress website looking like a basic template, more customized WordPress functionality and maximized site performance and security. Rivers Agency’s WordPress development services will check all the necessary boxes when building your website and will deliver exactly what you want your WordPress website to be.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a WordPress Developer?

There is a variable price for hiring our WordPress development services. The final price would depend on what you would require of us and your WordPress website. To make an initial inquiry, please call our office at 919-932-9985 or email

Advantages of using WordPress as your next CMS:

Built for PHP/MySQL environment

Built-in and highly customizable content preview tools for testing

Clean, well-documented, peer-reviewed code

Easy meta tagging of content

Easy media management

Easy to schedule future “go-live” or publish dates for new content

Drag-and-drop functionality in the backend to allow for easy customization.

Dynamic generation of URLs

Full User System – Allow newsletter users, admins, reviewers, etc.

Seamless blog integration

Inherent search engine optimizations in site structure (see below)

Easy-to-navigate website that successfully serves the 300,000 members of UNC’s alumni association.

Desktop computer showing a page from the General Alumni Association website
General Alumni Association logo

Founded in 1843, the General Alumni Association of the University of North Carolina is a venerable institution that serves the school’s 300,000 living alumni. Looking for a website redesign, the GAA came to us — some of us just happen to be proud Tar Heel alumni ourselves — and we built them an easy-to-navigate, fully responsive, content-managed website that successfully serves the GAA’s large and diverse audience.

Clear site navigation and well-organized page architecture were key to the site’s redesign. Landing page bars are sensibly placed with intuitive quick link tabs. We also included a calendar that is easily filtered by day or event type and an interactive world map highlighting school-sponsored alumni trips; integrated e-commerce for shop purchases and membership payments; added customizable social media feeds; and provided digital access to more than 100 years' worth of the previously print-only Carolina Alumni Review. Go Heels!

Visit The Site
Full page desktop view from the General Allumni Association website
Full page tablet view from the General Allumni Association website
Full page mobile view from the General Allumni Association website
A hand holding a tablet device showing the General Alumni Association website