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Rivers Agency Sustainability Report


Rivers Agency Office Building

Interior Products

Rivers Agency Office


Cherry – millwork company from outside Charlotte, NC, using reclaimed wood from 17 barns (due to the large quantity requested by GB, using reclaimed wood actually helped keep cherry prices stabilized). Multi-plank construction, has the same wear (3-4 refinishes, 90 yr. life) as solid wood construction (solid could not be used due to slab). A 100% recycled acousta mat is used between the slab and wood.

Maple – reclaimed from the Makers Mark barrel house from the beams, posts, and mechanisms used to hold the barrels, with wormy parts used in the lobby. The whitest maple available was used.

Bamboo – from a province in China where bamboo grows prolifically (not enough can be grown in NC), MOSO bamboo, formaldehyde free glue (toxic glue in some bamboo products have been linked to asthma. reproductive and developmental problems). Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) means no more than 20% of a forest is harvested at one time, workers are treated and paid fairly, sustainable.


Meld – has been around for ten years and are the leaders in concrete technology; they air dry as opposed to bake to reduce their carbon footprint. All sand is sourced from within 500 mi. Exposed is ground down to expose pebbles. Glass aggregate is either recycled colored glass from our blue recycle bins or recycled clear glass from window companies. 70% recycled glass, 30% concrete. 1-1/2″ thick.

EcoTerr – 70% recycled granite and marble chips, old-fashioned European terrazzo technology, lasts forever. 1-1/4″ thick.

Both use the best sealer available.


​40% recycled product from plate trimmings.

Bathroom Tile

​Comes from a state of the art, green manufacturer in Tennessee.


​​Custom Cabinet Shop in Wilmington, FSC certified, formaldehyde-free adhesives.


​LEED certified structure
Energy — Water Use — Indoor Air Quality
Sustainable and healthy materials

Green Systems

Rivers Agency Office
Solar Thermal Hot Water – Mounted on the east rooftop of the Greenbridge will be 90 solar panels that centrally heat 4.750 gallons of hot water per day. This FLS Energy brand system continually circulates the solar heated water so that it is always ready and waiting for you. What if there isn’t enough sun? For example, during long winter nights the system gets a boost from a gas backup boiler. Solar thermal water heating significantly reduces global warming pollutant emissions, promotes energy independence, and saves you money.

Sourced Heat Pump – Water is a much more efficient conductor than traditional air sourced heat pumps. The heating and cooling system at Greenbridge will include state-of-the-art variable air volume and speed compressor packaged water-source heat pumps. This works by circulating a closed loop of water through Greenbridge at 500 gallons per minute, moving each unit owners heating/cooling needs from one area to another. Will you be in command of the temp in your individual unit? Yes. Every unit has its own heat pump pack that extracts your desired heat / chill from the building’s water loop intake, and in turn transfers your undesired heat/chill into the exiting water loop. On extremely hot days when everyone desires a blast of cool air, the heat injected water loop is cooled by a cooling tower (like an industrial waterfall). On chilly nights, the cold infused water loop gets a hot boost by a gas boiler. A cooperative water sourced heat pump system means high efficiency, low carbon emissions, and a huge savings to the tenants. The Greenbridge HVAC system is designed to be at least 30% more efficient that today’s standard systems.

Air Exchange – While the Water Sourced Heat Pump regulates each unit’s desired temperature, the Fresh Air Exchange system keeps residential units supplied with clean filtered fresh air. An intake at the top of the building draws fresh air in, passes it through a series of allergen and particulate filters, and delivers it to each unit right above the front door. As new air refreshes the unit, the older stale air exits out vents in each bathroom. This system prevents one neighbor’s scents from reaching another neighbor. Today’s most common air filters reduce allergens to 10 microns, this sophisticated system lowers it to only two microns.

Rooftop – The Greenbridge planted rooftops will contain a variety of hearty sedum plants that quickly absorb water and prove highly drought tolerant. A roof such as this one can absorb and retain 35-90% of typical rainfall. Green Roofs reduce the heat island effect in urban areas, reduce the strain on the city’s water infrastructure during storms, increase air quality, prolong a building’s roof life, and contribute to the efficiency of a building’s heating and colling system. Often they become safe nesting grounds for the local aviary population. In addition they can help in the reduction in non-point source (NPS) pollution such as oil, fertilizer, and pet waste that otherwise deposits into our wetlands and underground water sources.

80 Low-E Window Glass – We chose the Solabrban80 brand of glass for its clear color and impressive performance. It’s considered one of the best Low-E glasses on the market available today. Low-emissivity (Low-E) refers to building materials designed to reduce heat transfer through thermal conductivity. In typical glazed glass marked as “energy efficient,” the low-e coating is found on only one of the interior faces of the glass. A simple low-e coating helps to reduce heat loss but still allows the room to be warmed by sunshine. To achieve solar control the outside pane of glass must also include either a film or a body tint to reflect solar radiation. Solarban80 is unique because it prevents heat loss, achieves solar control, but does not require a reflective surface or body tint. The Greenbridge floor-to-ceiling windows will provide maximum natural light while the radiant indoor heat is reflected back inside, thus keeping heat inside in the winter, and infrared radiation from the sun is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside in the summer.