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Carolina Performing Arts

An award-winning campaign experience positions the Carolina Performing Arts brand as the heart of city culture.

The entrance to the Carolina Performing Arts
Carolina Performin Arts 2015/2016 logo

We had a wish fulfilled this year when we were given the amazing opportunity to design the entirety of the Carolina Performing Arts 2015/16 season campaign. Although we have worked with CPA for many years, this was the first time we were able to pull out all the stops when we designed the fully-integrated campaign that included eye-catching print, website and environmental design, as well as contemporary new branding and multimedia production. We did it all, and it rocks.

CPA’s mission is to bring the best and most innovative music, dance and theater to the University of North Carolina and connect the artists to students, faculty and the Chapel Hill community at large. Our mission was to create a kick-ass campaign that would engage the public and communicate just how cutting edge and provocative the series has become.

Our first order of business was to develop a vibrant new color palette to energize and coordinate the disparate elements of the campaign. Anchored by red for fall performances and green for the spring, the palette is carried consistently throughout the campaign, as is the logical system of icons we developed for easy navigation. Photography is bold and cropped close to add to the feeling of energy and excitement.

For the website, we made the navigation more intuitive and the design more robust through the use of color as well as a strong sans serif font. We also integrated social networking functions on individual performance pages. The coordinating performance catalogs follow suit, but distinguish the fall/spring performances through a flipped front/back design.

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Carolina Performing Arts pictures hanging on a wall Close-up image of a Carolina Performing Arts date planner Print design showcasing the Carolina Performing Arts Carolina Performing Arts printed schedules Carolina Performing Arts magazine Carolina Performing Arts ticket services magazine
Chapel Hill, NC busses with the Carolina Performing Arts decor Side view design elements for the Carolina Performing Arts bus project Front and back design elements for the Carolina Performing Arts bus project
Homepage view of the Carolina Performing Arts website
Performances and Events page from the Carolina Performing Arts website

From our initial meeting…to the near-daily interactions we have with the Rivers team, I’ve found them to be extremely creative, professional and, most importantly, they achieve our deadlines.

Mark NelsonDirector of Marketing and Communications