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Rivers Agency contributes graphic identity for CenterFest Arts Festival in Downtown Durham.

CenterFest website banner image
Animated dripping paintbrush

Organized by the Durham Arts Council, CenterFest is a lively lineup of music, dance, art and food that attracts more than 25,000 visitors a year to the streets of downtown Durham. We were over the moon when the Council chose us to design the graphic identity for this year’s festival. As active partners in our community, we created the identity for CenterFest, Downtown Durham’s popular Arts Festival.

Reminiscent of letterpress printing often used in old show posters, the campaign reflects not only the nature of the festival, but the architecture of downtown Durham, where ghosts of hand-painted signs can still be seen on the historic brick buildings. The effect is welcoming, while the strong type and strict hierarchy of information ensures easy readability.

A person wearing a CenterFest Arts Festival t-shirt
People walking around the CenterFest Art Festival
Poster of the 2015 CenterFest Arts Festival
Newspaper ad for the CenterFest Arts Festival