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Glen Lennox

A multi-year makeover of this deco-influenced, post-war apartment community presented an opportunity to revisit the look of all things Glen Lennox.

Brand Development

How do you update a 70-year-old brand? With reverence. We paired the familiar deco script with crisp modern typography and a colorfully subdued color palette to kick off the next 70 years.

PMS 548C
PMS 332C
PMS 7710C
PMS 178C
PMS 382C
PMS 7536C
PMS 457C

Glen Lennox Print Design

The new design language applies across media to link ads and marketing collateral with the website and overview video.

Vision Website

A project with a 15-year arc needs a vehicle to convey the reality and spirit of the future Glen Lennox even when much of it exists only in two-dimensional documents. The responsive site captures the character and intent of the community and will continue to evolve with the project.