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Hill Learning Center

The Triangle’s nationally acclaimed learning center chose its 40th anniversary to reveal a new face to the world. We delivered a modern rectilinear motif which updated the personality of the center and its curriculum.

PMS 7718C
PMS 540C
PMS 7472C
PMS 129C

Responsive Website

Design and development went hand in hand to create a responsive site to help Hill staff build smarter students and teachers. The site serves as an overview of the center’s learning theories as well as a tool for teachers in the classroom.

Hill Learning Center Digital Assets

How fun is it to build a site that actually functions as an integral element of the teaching curriculum? Very, very fun, almost as fun as applying a new graphic identity throughout the center’s digital footprint.

Environmental Graphics

What was a somewhat staid educational environment was given a makeover of the first order, with the logo and companion graphic design influence and colors refreshing signage, site identity and broad areas of the school.