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UNC Gillings School

For the nation’s #1 public school of public health, we delivered a purposeful awareness campaign centered on a website redesign and thoughtfully designed print and digital materials.

Magazine Design

Any discussion of the health challenges faced by the human race is complicated and needs room to breathe. We addressed that with a quarterly magazine that serves as a forum for thoughtful conversations about opportunities ahead, as well as the school’s purpose, successes and people.

Illustration and Icon Creation

The work done by the Gillings School leaps borders and cultures. An informal illustration style provides the means to explain the length and breadth of the issues in play. A series of icons serves as shorthand to navigate through related subjects and solutions.

Gillings School Responsive Website

A website which can be sourced from any device is a vital tool for sharing information about Gillings and the work of its faculty and staff worldwide.

Gillings School Site

The website redesign hinges on a cleaner, more intuitive interface presenting a chronicle of the school’s ambitious public health achievements and life-saving partnerships worldwide.