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Interactive showroom app that connects customers to Vaughan-Bassett’s full range of bedroom furniture.

Monitor showing the Vaughan-Bassett homepage design
The Vaughan-Bassett logo

Vaughan-Bassett is a family-owned furniture company based in Virginia known for its high-quality wooden bedroom furniture. The company commissioned us to develop an interactive app to be used in showrooms where, because of space constraints, only a limited number of furniture collections can be displayed at any given time. The app encourages customers to explore the wider Vaughan-Bassett collection in an engaging, informative way.

Built to function on touch screens or video screens connected to keyboards, the application is intuitive and easy to use, featuring large buttons and custom icons that encourage interaction, by design. Searches are easily customized through filters, while the “finishes” feature helps customers visualize color options. The “also in this collection” feature connects customers to related products.

When not in use, the app’s interface plays a demo video as well as a looping series of images that highlight the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its 700 American employees. Rolling out across showrooms nationwide, the app has proven to be a popular and effective sales tool.

The Collections page design from the Vaughan-Bassett website The Beds page design from the Vaughan-Bassett website
The Collections page with different options design from the Vaughan-Bassett website A single product page design from the Vaughan-Bassett website