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Choosing a web design company to create or redesign your brand’s website directly impacts how your business is reflected online. Ask the right questions to gain insight and make the most informed decision when selecting a web designer who will provide your brand with a competitive digital presence. Here are five questions you should ask before hiring a company to design and develop a website for your brand.

Can you provide examples of your previous work?

Ask a potential website developer to see examples of their previous work to gain insight into their website development and design capabilities. A history of impressive website designs and innovative digital solutions is one of the best indicators of a skilled and creative web design agency. When viewing examples of an agency’s previous website development projects, make sure you evaluate both the aesthetics and performance of the websites to get a comprehensive perspective on the development company’s skills.

Rivers Agency has a proven history of bringing fresh ideas to the website development process and creating innovative websites for local businesses, nonprofits, nationally recognized corporations and e-commerce sites.

Do you custom design your websites or use templates?

When choosing a website development company, ask if they use templates to build websites or use custom designs for their customers. You will have more freedom and flexibility in the web development process if your website design company has custom- design capabilities. Some website developers rely on both customizations and structured templates to build websites for their clients. Clarify how your website will be built and make your website development expectations clear to ensure that the finished product reflects your brand’s vision.

Rivers Agency has built fully responsive, custom-designed websites for clients such as Takeout Central, Cree and Capel Rugs.

What does your web design process require?

Before deciding on a website development agency to design and build a website for your business, find out what services are included in each agency’s design process. The best website developers and designers offer a full toolbox of website services, including wireframing, graphic design, front-end branding and back-end integration, to build your brand an engaging and compelling website.

Rivers Agency’s services range from website management and tech services to web ad design and social networking services. Our website developers offer skilled implementation of SEO content, HTML email design, mobile web applications, e-commerce capabilities, video and streaming media production and multimedia products.

Do you offer support services for maintenance of the website?

Web development does not end with the launch of your website. Make sure your web development company is available for support and maintenance, including performance updates, content changes and server modifications.

Rivers Agency supports and maintains award-winning websites that are adaptable, scalable, multi-dimensional, open to innovation and cross-functional.

What are your project management policies?

Management policies are essential in assigning tasks and moderating the overall design and development process of a website. Ensure your potential website developer has policies in place to manage both the production and the timeline of the website development process, so you know what to expect before your project begins. Become familiar with each company’s project management systems to help you choose a website developer that is capable of creating a website for your brand in a thorough, accurate and efficient process.

Rivers Agency’s project management process includes assessment and strategy, design and customization, configuration, integration and optimization.

A website should be innovative, responsive and designed to improve your brand’s digital identity. The website development and design agency you choose directly impacts the success of your brand’s digital footprint. Ask these five questions to help you select the website developer that will bring your brand’s vision digital.

Rivers Agency is a premier web development and design firm for the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. The award-winning web designers and programmers at Rivers Agency create cutting-edge, user-friendly, cost-effective websites that improve and grow brands.

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