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Read some agency updates that didn’t quite fall into any of our other categories.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community—providing jobs and income for nearly half of all Americans. As a small business ourselves, Rivers Agency is passionate about helping our fellow entrepreneurs survive despite being closed to customers during COVID-19. Here are the top six tips we’re giving our clients to maintain a revenue stream and… Read More

The Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC works on advertising trends for mobile devices

In a digital-first world, a brand needs to keep its advertising approach up-to-date and on-trend to remain competitive in the ever-changing market. As new technologies evolve, consumer behaviors change, which means your brand’s advertising strategy should too. Your brand deserves the most effective advertising efforts to establish an unparalleled digital presence and to drive more… Read More

Advertising Services from the Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC

When looking for an advertising agency to elevate your business and strengthen your brand, your team deserves a group of digital experts who are equipped with the talent and creativity to develop an unbeatable advertising strategy. The advertising agency your brand chooses should not only have the technical talent to develop a marketing plan that… Read More

Developing an Advertising Strategy with the Rivers Agency in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC

Businesses need to establish a strong advertising strategy to develop their brand and make their products and services sell like never before. Your brand needs an advertising strategy that remains consistent with your brand message, increases your brand awareness and strengthens the connection between your business and your audience. When it comes to building an… Read More

Rivers Agency Awards

Christmas came early this year for Rivers Agency when we received prestigious gifts of four W³ Awards and six Davey Awards for our work on website design and development, print catalogs and branded social media campaigns. The W³ is a national competition, judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, recognizing advertising agencies spanning… Read More

Kango Logos

Where does one begin when the goal is to start a franchise that stands out in a crowded marketspace? We worked with global entrepreneurs and new parents Travis and Mindy Kososki to create the first international trampoline park brand that transformed fun, fitness, sports and entertainment into one compelling concept all under one roof. Naming… Read More