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While huge marketing companies may boast impressive clients and an array of services, they may not be the right fit for your business needs. Whether you are looking to strengthen your brand, build a web presence or launch a strategic marketing campaign, a local ad agency offers several advantages by creating connections and bringing unique… Read More

In today’s digital world, advertising agencies provide myriad services and benefits to help their clients stand out against the competition. But what characteristics make up a successful advertising agency? How do you choose a reliable, experienced advertising agency that’s well-suited for your brand’s specific marketing needs and requirements? Of course, your business can always begin… Read More

Link to this TV spot With the wide variety of marketing roles represented in companies today, you might ask: why hire an agency? Beyond developing a product or service, marketing is one of the key forces that drives these offerings into the hands of the public. Whether you’re launching a start-up, running a small business… Read More

Brands often struggle when it comes to choosing the best possible advertising medium to promote their product or service. We get it; it’s easy to feel lost as you start your marketing campaign. With so many options, some forms of advertising are bound to work better than others, depending on your marketing objectives. That’s where… Read More

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a marketing intern at an established, innovative marketing agency? Before joining the Rivers team, I always dreamed of working at an agency. Exciting projects. A buzzing atmosphere. Collaboration with talented professionals. These elements, along with the anticipated learning experience and introduction to client relations had me hooked.  I’m… Read More

Doug Nelson Google Review

  See the work Finding the right ad agency for your company’s needs can be a challenging task. Type the words “ad agency” into a Google search, for example, and you’ll get more than 2 billion results. From here, you’ll see everything from giant media conglomerates and high-profile advertising agencies to small shops specializing in… Read More

What is TikTok? In 2018, Chinese global technology company ByteDance acquired, an Internet platform where users shared short lip-sync videos, and rebranded it as TikTok. Each TikTok user has his or her own “For You” page, where they can swipe through an endless stream of content, all powered by an algorithm that predicts what… Read More

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