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See the latest web design and development news from Rivers Agency.

How Website Design Can Elevate Your Brand Identity

Cutting-edge website design strengthens a business’s online presence and enhances the overall brand identity with the implementation of strategically crafted User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI). The best website designers have the knowledge and the talent to utilize UX and UI services to reflect a brand’s mission and values through the use… Read More

Why Brands Need Compelling Call-to-Actions

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are integral components in an advertising strategy to provide online users with a directed incentive to continue engaging with a business and offer brands with an effective tool to increase conversion rates. Companies need CTAs with strong, branded language and images strategically placed throughout their business collateral to facilitate positive interactions with consumers… Read More

First Bank, the largest community bank based in North Carolina, launched an updated and redesigned website on May 1, 2019 at This fresh and modern site boasts a clean design and layout that enhance the user’s experience and accessibility. Additionally, animated elements, self-selection tools, and product highlights guide visitors right to the account, loan,… Read More

The Rivers Agency works on a website’s user experience

A well-crafted website has the potential to become the most valuable asset to a business’s digital identity. However, a website is only as powerful as the experiences and interactions users have when visiting it. When it comes to cutting-edge website designs, there are certain user experience (UX) strategies your business should use to create the… Read More

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Web Designer

Choosing a web design company to create or redesign your brand’s website directly impacts how your business is reflected online. Ask the right questions to gain insight and make the most informed decision when selecting a web designer who will provide your brand with a competitive digital presence. Here are five questions you should ask… Read More

Smarties website on smartphone

NC-based ad agency and iconic candy maker from New Jersey team up to create a tempting online candy shop. CHAPEL HILL, NC Rivers Agency is charmed to announce the launch of a new e-commerce website for Smarties® Candy Company, creators of the iconic American candy wafer roll, at Rivers’ designers, developers and copywriters helped… Read More