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Rivers Agency optimizes mobile apps to generate leads

Brands need a mobile app to maximize brand visibility and expand your brand’s reach. Mobile apps make it possible for businesses to market their services on the go and across platforms and channels to elevate brand awareness, increase accessibility and enrich customer experience. Mobile apps developed to extend a business’s reach provide increasing value to… Read More

Rivers Agency develops Magento websites

Technology is constantly evolving the digital world we live in, and mobile browsing and marketing has never been as influential as it is right now. Brands need to develop mobile apps to optimize their business and leverage their service to continually generate conversions and maximize ROI. However, in order to stay competitive in the mobile-first… Read More

3 Benefits of Social Media Integration on Your Mobile App from Rivers Agency

A mobile app increases brand visibility, enhances the customer experience, improves customer engagement and maintains a business’s competitive edge. Integrating social media sharing options into a mobile app maximizes these impacts and can allow a brand to reach an unparalleled digital presence. A mobile app needs social media sharing options to expand your brand’s reach…. Read More

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Brands need to stay up to date with technological innovations to remain competitive in today’s market. In order to optimize your brand’s reach, your business needs more than a website. Mobilizing a brand with an Android or Apple iOS app can transform a business by enriching your customer experience and expanding your brand’s reach. Here… Read More

What Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App? | Rivers Agency

Curious to know what it costs to build an Apple iOS or Android mobile app for your business? Depending on the size, layout and features you have in mind for your mobile app, the total price of the mobile app development can range from $50,000 to $1 million. Here are the key factors that will… Read More

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