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As the digital world is always changing, it’s critical to stay informed. Learn the latest tips and tricks for your website from the experts at Rivers Agency.


The traditional way of increasing product awareness and sales can come up short when companies focus solely on their own narrow universe of customers, competitors and companies. The larger ecosystem in which a brand operates also is an important factor to consider. For example, the technological environment is becoming increasingly important and companies must evaluate… Read More

From big box stores to mom-and-pop shops, businesses of every size and type are extremely anxious and need to see foot traffic return to their stores. After months of closures for nonessential services due to COVID-19, and the virus still looming nationwide, customers are understandingly concerned about venturing out of their homes. However, there are… Read More

Spotlighting the Need for Google Ads-Certified Teams

Google is the world’s largest stage for advertisers, capturing more than 80 percent of search network market share. To get your ads front and center with the audiences you need to reach and maximize your ad spend, partner with a firm, like Rivers Agency, whose team doesn’t just do Google Ads—they’re Google Ads certified. With… Read More

Branding Trends in 2019

A company’s branding strategy is the most powerful tool it has to maximize its impact on its consumers, raise brand recognition, and elevate its digital identity. However, technology is always changing, which influences the trends that are impacting brands across the internet. Your business must maintain awareness of the current branding trends to remain relevant… Read More

Advertising Trends You'll See in 2019

The most effective and compelling advertising techniques are constantly changing in the ever-evolving digital sphere. Brands must stay up to date with the most recent advertising trends to ensure their products and services are marketed in a way that catches the attention and sparks interest in their target audiences. Rivers Agency is staffed with the… Read More

Tips to Improve Your Voice Search Rankings | Rivers Agency

Smart speakers and voice command capabilities on smartphones are changing the way users interact with and navigate search engines. Speech recognition technology introduces a new, more convenient and more conversational approach to search that is making it one of the biggest search trends in 2018. In fact, voice command searches are expected to grow by… Read More

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