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Brands choose Magento for their e-commerce platform because of its flexibility, open- source format and ability to customize and create unique shopping cart experiences. The best Magento developer can make your brand’s online experience stand out from your competitors. Rivers Agency is staffed with an in-house team of certified Magento developers in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area to keep your e-commerce experience ahead of the curve and your shopping cart ahead of the competition. Here are five reasons why Rivers Agency is the best Magento website developer for your business.

Rivers Agency is the Best Magento Developer in Raleigh, N.C.

Rivers Agency takes a UX-first approach to Magento website development

We know customer experience is your first priority when it comes to showcasing your brand. That’s why we apply a UX-first approach to our Magento development process. This customized technique creates a higher-quality result that is more likely to increase your key performance metrics and resonate with your audience. In contrast to a functional design approach, which does not consider those metrics in the planning phase, a UX-first approach leverages your e-commerce platform for optimal return on investment. When it comes to e-commerce web development, we design with the consumer journey in mind to create functional and sharp interfaces that engage your users from the start of the shopping experience all the way through to checkout.

At Rivers Agency, thinking out-of-the-box is second-nature

We don’t run from a challenge; we embrace it. When you partner with Rivers Agency, complex tasks are met with creative solutions. Thinking out-of-the-box is second-nature at Rivers Agency. We jump at the opportunity to solve new problems and improve on previously developed solutions. We know results built on creativity and innovation put your brand ahead of the competition.

The Rivers Agency team is equipped with experts in every area of web development

Rivers Agency is a dynamic team of experienced creatives and strategists with varying backgrounds that provide a wide array of industry, technology and business expertise because we know web development isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Our team understands your business challenges and can provide custom-fit solutions that make your business excel in e-commerce. That’s the kind of proficiency and insight that comes with 24 years of regional and national experience.

Rivers Agency takes a custom solutions approach to each client

We are a custom solutions agency. We don’t look for cookie-cutter solutions to common business problems. Instead, we take the time to get to know your brand, your business and your vision to create custom initiatives and high-impact solutions that drive results. We tailor our Magento website development process to your individual brand needs because we know this personalized approach provides the best solutions and brings your business to the next level.

Rivers Agency values client communication

We rely on close collaboration with you to create a Magento website that helps you express the perfect message for your brand. Our team develops professional relationships with our clients that are built on trust and confidence because we know quality relationships lead to a better product. We make open communication a priority throughout the entire project lifecycle, so you and your vision are involved every step of the way.

Our talented team of Magento website developers is equipped with the skills required to elevate your brand and make your business sell like never before. We create fresh and innovative Magento sites that drive your shopping cart to the forefront of the e-commerce field.

In the market for a Magento website developer in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill North Carolina Area? Let’s work together!

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