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Welcome to the new Rivers Agency blog!  After redesigning our website, we’re excited to announce the re-launch of our blog to fit with our new online look and take our posts in a new direction. Content will be focused on providing industry insight and perspectives from our staff in marketing, public relations and design. Redesigning our blog is just one way that we’re fully immersing ourselves in the proverbial online conversation — and that’s not all!

In addition to re-envisioning our blog updates, we will also be launching a Twitter account focused on engaging our online community in a new way, 140 characters at a time. Getting involved in social media is paramount for staying current and plugged in to the communication stream these days. We’ll be revisiting the topic of social media and how to boost a positive web presence, so stay tuned!

To receive real-time updates to our blog, you can subscribe to our RSS feed or you can follow us on Twitter where we’ll be posting links to our blog posts as they happen. Please be sure to stop by often, add your voice to the conversation and see what’s come across our desks recently that intrigued or inspired.

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