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People often ask us: what exactly do we at Rivers Agency do?

Simply put, we are a one-stop shop for every marketing need. From fashioning annual reports and catalogs to engineering responsive websites and TV commercials, our adept professionals are talented, trained and prepared to handle any task.

Rivers Agency’s diverse range of sophisticated television production skills was put to full use recently in a compelling advertising spot we created for Capel Rugs. The ad, which is being broadcast by 12 company-owned stores, promotes Capel’s annual Ultimate Rug Sale — a highly anticipated, limited-time event and their biggest sale of the year.

Rivers handled every element of this ad in-house, from storyboarding and script writing to the actual shoot and on through the final stages of post-production. We shot the video footage, edited the content and created the voiceover. We also used motion graphics and other on-screen graphic design tools to create a lively visual presentation that skillfully attracts viewers’ attention.

The result is an eye-catching ad that builds awareness of the Capel brand while also creating an immediate call to action. In this 15-second spot, viewers are shown a sampling of the many stylish rugs that are available at Capel Rugs, an industry leader. At the same time, the audio message encourages viewers to act quickly to take advantage of the major discounts of 20 to 50 percent being offered during the sale.

At Rivers Agency, we have all the marketing and multimedia capabilities you need to create a high-quality commercial or informational video spot. Our team carefully executes every stage of the project, from the original vision to the final form. Using top-of-the-line equipment, our in-house video editors and copywriters work closely with our highly creative, detail-oriented art director to produce messages that inform, engage and motivate your target audience.

Call Rivers Agency and see what our talented team can put together for you. Our unique combination of branding experience, technical expertise and creative inspiration delivers excellence every time!

So the real question is: what don’t we do?

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