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Carolina Union Chooses Rivers Agency for Website Design

We have client news that thrills us, the kind that sends our adrenaline skyrocketing. Rivers has a new business partner… and it’s the ideal client to tap into the nimble, dynamic minds on our creative team.

The Carolina Union at UNC-Chapel Hill is the beating heart of so much fantastic activity for students. Educational, social, cultural, entertainment. The Union wants Rivers Agency to help transform its web presence by designing a site that mirrors the legendary and central role it plays for Carolina’s student body.

More Means More
Just as the Union is “More than a Buiding,” Rivers will set out to develop the Union’s on-line presence into more than a website. The Union’s variety of purposes, array of artists, student-led enthusiasm and brainpower and pulse of leadership — all deserve to be part of the panoply of the new site.

Rivers wants the Union’s next web home to be fluid, engaging, diverse, dramatic, innovative, inspiring, challenging and comforting. That’s a tall task, but if the Union can be that every day for thousands of UNC-Chapel Hill students, why can’t Rivers achieve similar success on the website? That’s our mandate, and we can’t wait to show our stuff.

Opportunity at the Door
There are about 650 student co-curricular organizations active under the Union’s umbrella. 650. That’s mind-boggling. The range of choice means every student can find common ground, friends, new skill sets to cultivate, employment opportunities, places to think deeply, to laugh, to learn. A place to love who you can be when opportunity is at your door – and you step forward.

We want to thank Carolina Union for having confidence in Rivers Agency and our creative design people and possibilities.

Capture & Captivate
The Union: more than a building. Rivers Agency: more than a web design partner. The two of us have a shared spirit, the spirit of making life as captivating as it can be! A website should and can capture that magic.

Our people are already on it.


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  1. By Rachel,
    May 29, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

    Wow! Can’t wait to see new student union graphic updates.

    New Business