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At Rivers, we’re living the dream every day. Our talented folks get to come in the door, hit the creative suite, and let their imaginations take off. Every day. Who else gets to do that?

Branding for WHJ Design

We’ve got clients who dream, and we’re right there with them. They need great art or photos, we produce. Words that fly, we send them up. Websites that capture everything a company stands for, Rivers rocks it. Better branding? Rivers is ready. Take a look at our recent work here.

 Joining with WHJ Design
Our latest partner: WHJ Design, a renowned Hutch Johnson creation. Hutch Johnson does residential design that takes a homeowner’s dream to new heights. Countless homes since 1988 started off as an image, then with WHJ aboard became real… and part of an owner’s personality. Soon, a new home or renovation with a memorable style that soars. From Coach K’s home in Durham to Eric Montross’s in Chapel Hill, Hutch has designed them all.

Now, Rivers has the chance to do some branding for WHJ and its website! We’re kicking our tires over here to make sure it’s real. Another chance for Rivers people to paint dreams that get recognized, that bring results for our clients. That’s who we are. Anytime a famous designer chooses to work with us to design for them we are humbled and honored.

Welcome, Hutch and WHJ Design!  You’re joining an array of superb clients that makes us proud. Business, medical, financial, academic, social betterment, home furnishings, real estate, etc.  They ALL chose Rivers to do our thing for them, and we always appreciate their confidence.

The Pleasure is Ours
Rivers Agency is thrilled to get to work on WHJ Design and its dreams… Hutch, here we come!  And we’re as excited as ever to take our other one-of-a-kind clients to new and ever more creative plateaus.  Every day.

We’re lucky, and we know it. So, imagine what we’re going to do for you.


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  1. By Rachel,
    March 2, 2012 @ 2:04 pm

    Rivers Agency – you are a Chapel Hill graphic & web design agency that is beyond cool! Nice update; the look of the before/after website portfolio is great.

  2. By Heba Salama,
    March 19, 2012 @ 11:42 am

    We are big fans :) and can speak to everything this blog states- Rivers Agency NEVER let us down, and always had innovative and fresh ideas!!

  3. By JP,
    March 19, 2012 @ 8:08 pm employees pay Rivers to work there? Just checkin…
    I want to meet the imaginary guy and get him to give me some ideas!

    New Business