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When it comes to website, mobile app and Magento design and development, the UX experts at Rivers Agency have mastered a design technique that ensures the most effective, powerful and customized user journey for your brand’s next project. We take a systematic approach to design thinking to deconstruct and understand a user’s experience through empathy mapping. From front end-branding to back-end integration, our award-winning designers and UX professionals build WordPress websites, Magento sites and mobile apps that capture audiences and connect with customers. We rely on empathy mapping to understand what drives your audience, guide our team towards more meaningful solutions and give your brand higher results.

Rivers Agency uses empathy mapping for the user journey

What is empathy mapping?

Empathy mapping is a comprehensive tool that gives our design and development team valuable insight into the user experience. This insight enables us to understand users’ needs in a way that improves and enhances the way they interact and communicate with your brand. Similar to creating different personas to represent different groups of users, an empathy map breaks down your audience into different customer groups to analyze and understand the experience each one has when using your brand’s website. This approach considers the user journey first and optimizes it for the most effective and powerful user experience within your website. In breaking down the user experience through this lens, our team finds new, innovative solutions to continually improve the user journey and gain insights that create optimal results for your brand.

Why do we use empathy mapping?

The team at Rivers Agency relies on empathy mapping to uncover the multiple realities your website or mobile app can present to your users and to determine which techniques and innovations will deliver the best and most effective user experiences. Empathy mapping identifies user insights such as as thoughts, feelings, annoyances and needs when using your brand’s website or mobile app.. Accordingly, our designers and developers can use these insights to adjust the user interface to maximize your brand’s impact on your audience.

What does empathy mapping involve?

Empathy mapping involves understanding the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of your audience to effectively tell your brand’s story and enhance the user experience. Our UX team charts the course a user has when interacting with your website or mobile app and marks every action, question, positive interaction, negative interaction and opportunity within the interface to uncover any issues or concerns your users may face. These issues consider everything from what users do and what they see to what they think or feel while interacting with your brand’s website. The Rivers Agency team also collaborates to come up with creative solutions to give your brand an unbeatable user experience on every platform.

Looking for a team of creative thinkers and talented developers and designers to bring your brand’s next big idea to life? Rivers Agency is staffed with the most talented UX design team in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. As UX experts, we understand it is our responsibility to analyze and understand the user experience through a UX development process that advocates on behalf of the user and guarantees a seamless user interface with stunning, interactive designs. Let’s work together!

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