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Throughout the history of advertising and marketing, there has always been a traditional way of doing things. First there was word-of-mouth communication, followed by print, then radio, and finally television. Then, a small company that sold custom athletic shoes revolutionized advertising. Nike had this idea of creating an entire brand around one athlete, which was a major gamble. Luckily for Nike, that athlete went on to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

But Nike has realized another change in the world of advertising: being online. Print and broadcast advertisements are steadily losing the wide audience they once had because so many people are turning to online media for their entertainment, news and personal knowledge.

Why should you or your company be worried about this switch? Well, here at Rivers Agency, we understand the value your audience holds in being online because it creates a dialogue between the producer and the consumer. This is an idea that is becoming more popular as more and more people are gaining constant access to the Internet. You have to start at the top by making your home base on the web – your website – the perfect balance between call to action and beautiful branding. Whether you are looking for a more traditional website or you are interested in a fully responsive design, we can help.

Another major factor in having an online presence that many companies overlook is the importance of having an active – and real – social networking agenda. More people are using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few, which allow the consumer to create a real dialogue with your company. The true value of having this online persona is that it creates a whole new market where you can reenergize your brand. With the growing popularity of online media, your consumers can become brand ambassadors to all of your target demographics, spreading your great product around the web.

Make sure that your online home – your website – is top-notch; that experience is how your name will be broadcast online. Let the highly-trained staff here at Rivers Agency create that memorable experience for you.

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