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We are honored to have been chosen by the Durham Art Council to design the graphic identity for last month’s 41st annual CenterFest. Organized by the Durham Arts Council, CenterFest is a lively lineup of music, dance, art and food that attracts over 25,000 visitors a year to the streets of downtown Durham. A pro bono honor, we did a lot with a little, designing an identity and logo that features the city’s skyline silhouetted in the bristles of a paintbrush.

“We’re delighted to help support an event of this magnitude, especially one so focused on the arts,” said Lauren Rivers. “Our agency started out as a design firm over 20 years ago, and this takes us back to our roots. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Reminiscent of letterpress printing often used in old show posters, the graphic designs we created for the campaign reflect not only the nature of the festival, but the architecture of downtown Durham, where ghosts of hand-painted signs still can be seen on the historic brick buildings. The effect is welcoming, while the strong type and strict hierarchy of information ensures that everything is easy to read. The graphics we designed were used in newspaper, magazine and online advertising, website promotions, signage, posters and commemorative T-shirts.

“We have really enjoyed working with Rivers Agency this year, and truly appreciate their generous in-kind sponsorship support of CenterFest. They have demonstrated wonderful creativity and collaboration, and working with them has been a great experience,” said Sherry L. DeVries, executive director of the Durham Arts Council. Thanks Sherry, and congratulations on another successful Arts Council event!

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