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Creativity still thrives despite pandemic’s challenges

Some say that innovation has slowed down in America. They argue that today’s science isn’t as groundbreaking, inventions aren’t as exciting, or that we’ve learned all that we can. However, we at Rivers Agency respectfully disagree. Innovation is alive and well. This can be seen through the constant creativity of businesses worldwide. Take the Virgin Hyperloop project, for example.

1st Passengers On Virgin’s Hyperloop Share Their Experience | TODAY


Making History

In November 2020, Virgin Hyperloop completed the world’s first passenger test of hyperloop technology. This advanced technology uses magnets to levitate a passenger pod above a track, pushing it forward in a vacuum tube at speeds of up to 600 mph. The 1,500-foot-long test track, named DevLoop, is located 40 miles from the Las Vegas strip in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

It was in this desert that history was made. Virgin Hyperloop had run over 400 tests prior to the historic passenger test, reaching speeds up to 240 mph. The first passengers were Josh Geigel, co-founder and chief technology officer for Virgin’s Hyperloop, and Sara Luchien, the company’s director of passenger experience.

After Geigel and Luchien boarded the pod, they were pushed into a pressurized chamber where friction is at a minimum. Guided by the power of a vacuum, the Hyperloop hit 107 mph in under 10 seconds. Both passengers described the ride as smooth, easy and quiet.

The hyperloop is unique as it delivers the speed of an airplane and the convenience of a train with zero direct emissions. The hope is to provide a cleaner and greener commute.

Importance of Teamwork

Luchien attributes the success of the test to the large team working behind the scenes. None of this would have been possible without the dedication of a skilled and motivated group that dreams of a greener future. Close to 200 Virgin Hyperloop engineers, machinists, welders and fabricators collaborated to build DevLoop and ensure the success of the first-ever hyperloop passenger test.

“When you have enough people dreaming a cohesive dream together about a better future, and you pick the right team, it’s tremendous what they can accomplish together,” Luchien says.

A solid team is needed to make any project successful. That’s why our Rivers team is compiled of individuals who are dedicated, creative and eager. We’ve chosen the best of the best to ensure that every great idea that comes through our office is turned into a reality. Like Virgin Hyperloop, Rivers Agency would not be successful without the passionate people we work with.

When you bring together a group of curious and creative minds, no problem is too big.

1st Passengers On Virgin’s Hyperloop Share Their Experience | TODAY


Innovation Is Endless

The events in the Nevada desert provide the perfect example of innovation at work. They show that we are constantly learning and working to improve the world we live in. There is never a limit to creativity.

Despite the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation continues to occur and, in many cases, is even stronger. In a time where we all have had to learn to work from home, communicate at a distance and connect virtually, creativity keeps shining its light. This has been especially true for our talented team here at Rivers.

Virgin Hyperloop’s success shows us that we can accomplish what seems to be the impossible. The project serves as an inspiration for other brands, including our work at Rivers Agency. We’re driven to continue the push for creativity and discover new ways to form connections, solve problems and help our clients.

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