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Moving pictures, people, and products. We fit them together into something fantastic on screen. 10 seconds or 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter. The creative demands are the same: grab the audience, don’t let ‘em go.

The Rivers video production team mines your mind and your marketing data, then turns your message into something memorable. Wherever it runs – TV, YouTube, your website, your sales force – our videos make every moment count. Every sentence, every image, every sound… every second makes a difference.

See our latest collection of client videos. Each is conceived with this commitment: to move the audience to action – or reaction.

Capel Rugs - Rivers Agency Video Production

Capturing attention: that’s our standard every time we turn the camera on. No matter the budget. What are you after? What’s the best way moving pictures can help you get there? It always begins with a great idea.

The Storytelling Story
Ideas play out in stories. Sometimes you know every detail before filming starts. Sometimes things can surprise you as you go. The video director has to be aware of all the possibilities… have eyes that explore every angle in every scene.

Rivers Videos can be short but still touching. Longer but still riveting. Serious but still clever. Humorous but still effective. Informational but still interesting. If we produce it, we have pride in it. What’s the point of a video that comes and goes without comment? Anybody can do that.

Rivers climbs higher for its clients. When we’re done, we want you to see what we see, and wonder how it could have been done any other way.

Elements of Excellence
Beautiful pictures, persuasive people on-camera, sound that captivates, seamless and stylish editing, graphics that gleam. Weaved in the end with the perfect words. We bring in the experts who can elevate a video to the excellence you expect.

Want to break through the clutter on your moving picture? Rivers is ready to roll.


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  1. By W. Wagner,
    March 20, 2012 @ 10:14 am

    Wow! Capel has some really cool rugs.

  2. By Rick Penland,
    March 26, 2012 @ 12:35 pm

    Rivers Agency…..Lauren, Sara, and the staff epitomize true professionalism. It has been a great privilege for us to work along side them for the years that we have.
    And you know success can be measured in many ways but for us its teaming with folks like Rivers Agency knowing that we will always have a successful and gratifying outcome that we both place our stamp of approval on.

    New Business