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While your New Year’s resolution to eat better or exercise more may have already fizzled, carrying through on that resolution to update your Web site is a must for boosting your business in 2010. Updating the content, design and image of your Web site is a simple and effective way to attract more visitors to your website. Use the following five tips to add a fresh look to your Web site:

Make your writing concise and catchy
Website visitors may have a short attention span, so catch their eye with catchy and clever headings. Once you have their attention, be concise and avoid language that might be confusing. Organize the Web site’s content in logical ways so that visitors can easily find the information they need. Visit The Inclusion Project for a great example of a website with eye-catching content.

Inclusion Project

Employ a user-friendly design
Your site has to be easy to navigate, otherwise visitors won’t use it. Create straightforward, relevant links that will lead visitors to different sections of the website. The home page should be simple and accessible. Make it easy for people to explore! Visit Lebowitz Law Office for an example of a website with a user-friendly design.

Lebowitz Law Office

Present a clean, crisp image
Don’t use flashy background designs or unappealing images on your Web site. This tactic can make some text and links unreadable and may give visitors a headache. Instead, use complementary colors and sharp images so that visitors will be drawn to your website. It’s important to catch your visitor’s eye, but focus on using a single image or logo and stick to a consistent color palette. Visit Opus Photography to see a Web site that makes a big impact with a simple design.

Opus Photography

Have a clear plan
Don’t try to put all your information on the website’s home page. Instead, let it serve as the visitor’s guide to the rest of your site. Provide short, simple and well-organized links that will easily direct your visitors to the information they seek. Visit New Growth Landscapes to see a website that has a well-organized plan.

New Growth Landscapes

Brand yourself
Your website needs to be consistent with your image. Everything you do defines your brand, and a good website design can help reinforce your visual identity. Use colors, logos, pictures and symbols that complement your brand. Also include slogans, tag lines, or a short mission statement that will tell visitors what your brand is about. Visit The Orchard to see a website that creates a strong brand image.

The Orchard

Don’t simply resolve to redo your website – do it! Investing a small amount of time in your Web site now can yield positive business results now and later. Best of luck, and let us know how your redesign efforts go!

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