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Businesses that partner with a brand design agency can strengthen their brand identity, maximize brand awareness and make real impacts on their target audiences through the implementation of creative and brand-building designs across all channels. The best design agencies have the knowledge and the talent to reflect a business’s mission and values through the use of intentional design choices on both digital and print collateral to enhance a brand’s recognition. Your brand needs a design agency to maximize its impact on customers and build your brand credibility. However, before choosing a design agency, you need to gain insight so you can make the best decision for your brand. Here are four questions you need to ask a design agency.

What design services do you provide?
Before deciding on a design agency, find out which services they can offer your business. Your brand needs a full-service design agency to build your brand identity and boost brand recognition on all platforms to set your business apart from the competition. The best design agencies offer a wide range of branding services, including logo design, print collateral design, web design and social media strategy.

Can you explain how you manage a design project?
A good way to gain insight into how a prospective agency begins their design projects and manages them to completion is to talk directly with agency leaders about the process they have successfully used with other clients. Look for a design team who relies on working closely with you and your team throughout the design process to make sure your brand’s values, mission and story are reflected in the finished product. This type of approach will ensure your design expectations will be met efficiently and effectively.

Can I get client references?
Ask a potential design agency for the contact information of clients they have done work for in the past. A history of impressed and satisfied clients is the most accurate indicator of a talented design agency. Ask previous clients about how the agency meets expectations, handles communication and builds their client relationships. This kind of insight will give you honest feedback that will tell you more than just an agency’s skill level—it also will show you how the agency treats their clients and values their relationships.

Can you show me examples of past projects?
There is no better way to gauge a design agency’s skill set than by reviewing and evaluating projects they have already completed for other clients. Look for design projects that have similar goals and scope as your own so you can determine if the agency is capable of adding value to your specific brand vision.

Rivers Agency is a team of the most talented brand design experts in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area who can meet complex problems with creative brand-building solutions. We are committed to elevating your business with a strong brand design strategy that improves your customer engagement, expands your digital presence and builds your customer loyalty. When you work with us, you know your brand will be consistently communicated to your users with creativity and innovation. In the market for a brand design agency to elevate your business? Let’s work together!  

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