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A talented advertising agency is critical in order to elevate a business and maximize its digital presence. Businesses need advertising experts who can develop and enhance a cohesive brand strategy, increase brand awareness and grow a business through intentional advertising efforts. Your business deserves an advertising agency that works closely with your team to gather information and build campaigns that people can’t help but notice. Before your team chooses an advertising agency to market your business, ask the right questions to gain insight and make the most informed decision. Here are three questions you should ask before hiring an advertising agency.

Can you provide examples of past campaigns?

Ask a potential advertising agency to see examples of past campaigns to gauge their design skills and branding capabilities. When evaluating previous ad campaigns, be sure to pay close attention to how the advertising agency remains true to the brand messaging, strategy and identity. A history of impressive and successful ad campaigns should enhance a brand’s digital identity through skillful advertising techniques.

Can you provide results from past clients?

Numbers matter. The ad agency your team decides to use to enhance your brand should be capable of delivering results your business can be proud of. Take a look at the statistics to ensure that the advertising agency your brand chooses can deliver results and add value to your business. Additionally, clarify how the ad agency measures success and ask how their team plans to work alongside yours to define and improve what success looks like to your brand.

What advertising services do you provide?

Your brand needs a full-service ad agency to produce the most impressive campaigns and give your brand the best results. Ask the ad agency what services they can provide your team to ensure your brand is equipped with the advertising talent and skills to elevate your business’s presence and awareness. The advertising agency you choose should offer services that include branding, advertising strategy, copywriting, graphic design, print layout and design, animation and TV, and web and radio spot production.

Before deciding on an advertising agency to build your brand, be sure to ask the right questions and gain the insight your team needs to make the best decision for your brand.  

Rivers Agency is equipped with the most talented and creative advertising experts in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. We are a full-service, in-house group of advertising enthusiasts who know how to expand your brand’s presence and create more meaningful connections and interactions with your audience. When it’s time to showcase your brand, product or campaign, Rivers Agency can execute. Let’s work together!   

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