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Smarties website viewed on a cell phone

NC-based ad agency and iconic candy maker from New Jersey team up to create a tempting online candy shop.


Rivers Agency is charmed to announce the launch of a new e-commerce website for Smarties® Candy Company, creators of the iconic American candy wafer roll, at Rivers’ designers, developers and copywriters helped bring the website to life, and the agency’s technology team will provide key support to Smarties going forward.

If you’ve ever wondered where Smarties came from, how they were invented, or how they became one of the most popular Halloween candies, unwrap the mystery at the newly launched The sugary digital experience is every bit as likable as the candy: beautifully retro, full of flavor, with plenty of shareable content.

The new website features fun facts about the company and its candies, a blog highlighting doings of their near-hysteric fanbase, recent media coverage and other notable events, and an online store, where Smarties® fans can order their favorite treats. The site also includes details on the “worry-free” nature of Smarties®, which are gluten-, peanut- and dairy-free, and links to the company’s social media sites, where Smarties® fans can share their enthusiastic stories.

A family company with deep roots in sales, Smarties® wanted an e-commerce site that expanded its brand platform while serving as the ultimate resource for buyers, both retail and wholesale. With individual page designs and messaging in hand, Smarties® approached Rivers about the project in fall 2016. The agency was ideally equipped to execute the development of the site.

“I’m a lifelong Smarties devotee, like most people” said Lauren Rivers, founder and CEO of Rivers Agency. “We were honored to work with Executive Vice President Liz Dee. Liz is laser-focused on her Smarties brand and the complete success of her company. That passion — and a never ending supply of Smarties, of course — kept our team inspired throughout the entire project.”

Smarties® Candy Company is headquartered in Union, New Jersey, and run by founder Edward “Eddie” Dee’s three granddaughters, who represent the third generation of family leadership.

An emigrant from England, Dee opened his first candy factory in 1949 as Ce De Candy Inc., working from a rented warehouse in Bloomfield, New Jersey, equipped with just two machines.

Today, the company—now known as Smarties® Candy Company—produces billions of Smarties rolls each year at its Union, New Jersey, facility and a second factory in Newmarket, Ontario, in Canada, where its candy is known as Rockets®.

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