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First Arts App Built for a University in the Nation

The arts are for everyone, and that’s exactly why Carol Folt, UNC at Chapel Hill’s Chancellor, and Emil J. Kang, Executive and Artistic Director, Carolina Performing Arts and Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Arts, decided to initiate the build, development and launch of the very first art events mobile app built for a university in the nation. Arts Everywhere is a campus-wide app that connects UNC students, teachers, faculty and alumni by providing the community with an interactive resource to find and engage with creative events that take place within the UNC area. This cutting-edge app makes it possible to explore the arts at UNC, connect with friends and invite them to events, discover new artists and genres, save your favorite events, add them to your calendar and create a personalized feed of events that you are interested in all in one crisp, clean and streamlined interface.

University of North Carolina App is Built for the Community

Chancellor Folt came up with the revolutionary idea for the app in hopes of equipping community members with access to the kind of creativity that is necessary for pursuing a meaningful and rich life. Complete with its innovative design, Arts Everywhere challenges students, teachers, alumni and community members alike to think outside the box, view the world through a wider lens and grow as individuals and as a community. As a result of Folt’s groundbreaking ideas, this mobile app has created a unique space within the UNC community where creativity can flourish and grow and where individuals can create, share and engage with their shared human experiences.

University of North Carolina App Fosters Creativity

The development of Chancellor Folt’s idea, turned into a smartphone reality, matches the technological innovation, enriching culture and advanced intellectual environment that defines the university. Not to mention, Arts Everywhere continues to promote wonder, spark exploration and share new meaning within the community. As seen in her tweet below, Chancellor Folt’s goal to make the arts a more fundamental part of campus culture and continue to foster the creative and imaginative mindset that has been a part of the UNC culture for years. That vision is now coming to life with the launch of the Arts Everywhere app.

Rivers Agency Launches Art Events App for University of North Carolina

Rivers Agency Partners with Chancellor Folt and Executive Director Kang

As a top app developer, Rivers Agency partnered with Folt and Kang to help achieve their innovative goals by developing Arts Everywhere and equipping the UNC community with the necessary platforms, programs and a wide range of tools to bring this unprecedented app to life. Since our origin 25 years ago as a one-woman design firm, Rivers has grown into one of the largest advertising agencies in the Southeast. We now have 50 developers who create state-of-the-art digital developments for over 600 clients.

Rivers Agency is a Full Service App Designer and Developer

As a full-service, technology fluent-design agency, we are devoted to helping our clients connect with their audience and enhance user experience in the most accessible and authentic way possible. When you collaborate with us on web design and app development services, you know that your company is guaranteed top-notch and truly custom experiences for your users. Our app designers and developers are a rare mix of both technical and creative experts that are skilled in bringing your biggest visions to life throughout the entire development process.

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