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Rivers Agency has just launched a redesigned and enhanced website for the Duke University Energy Initiative, a university-wide interdisciplinary collaboration focused on advancing accessible, affordable, reliable and clean energy.


The Energy Initiative is one of Duke University’s signature interdisciplinary initiatives for bringing knowledge to the service of society. To pursue its mission, it reaches across business, engineering, environment, law, policy and the arts and sciences to educate tomorrow’s energy innovators, develop new solutions through research and improve energy decisions by engaging business and government leaders.

“This new website provides a powerful platform for the Energy Initiative to share the latest information and resources about its work in the fast-changing arena of clean energy,” said Lauren Rivers, president of Rivers Agency, a full-service North Carolina ad agency and website developer. “With our redesign, our goal was to enhance and improve the user experience by adding new features and making existing resources easier to find.”

Major changes made to the site include:

  • Dynamic new landing pages for the three pillars of the site — Education, Research and Engagement — with expanded content and graphics.
  • Integration of the Scholars@Duke feature from the website. Now, if a new faculty member, instructor or fellow is added or other information changes on Scholars@Duke, that information is automatically updated each day on the Duke University Energy Initiative website.
  • The addition of dynamic sidebar widgets to news and feature items that make related information of interest more easily accessible, including links to scholars and staff members. Taxonomies are now shared throughout the website, allowing different types of content with shared relationships to be linked for easy identification by the user.
  • The addition of a course browser that can be filtered by semester, topic or study and course level.
  • The creation of a Duke University Energy Initiative faculty browser that lists all faculty members, instructors and fellows involved in energy-related work at the university.
  • Links to other key resources on the website, including the program’s six “partner schools” — Fuqua School of Business, Pratt School of Engineering, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke Law School, Sanford School of Public Policy, and Trinity College of Arts and Sciences — and the MyDuke intranet.

The redesigned Duke University Energy Initiative website reflects the spirit of engagement, imagination and enterprise surrounding this dynamic community of professors, researchers and students. With this new design, the site will be an even more accessible and useful resource for Duke scholars and others involved in the cutting edge of energy research.

Rivers Agency is proud to have been selected for such an important project, and looks forward to continuing the rewarding relationship with Duke campus partners.

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