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Kango Logos

Where does one begin when the goal is to start a franchise that stands out in a crowded marketspace? We worked with global entrepreneurs and new parents Travis and Mindy Kososki to create the first international trampoline park brand that transformed fun, fitness, sports and entertainment into one compelling concept all under one roof.

Naming the trampoline park was just the first step in launching a brand that anybody would feel good about experiencing and even better sharing.

Not only would the new name be competing with other trampoline parks popping up all over the US and Europe, it needed to be easily understood and pronounced in Kazakhstan, the company’s launch market, and among other non-English speaking populations.

With just one week to produce a final name, we knew we needed a unique, compound name that wouldn’t be an issue for trademark. Our solution sprang from a combination of the words “kangaroo” and “go.” “Kangaroo” is universal in all languages and “go,” a verb, says “get out there and try it today.”

In a very quick and informal market test, we verified that the name Kango was well-liked and inclusive, sparking interest from consumers of all of ages, from toddlers to teens to tournament jumpers.

We drew inspiration from established entertainment and athletic brands in our research, and exploited the company’s own innate sense of style, sport and fun to develop a premium yet playful brand that would appeal to jumpers of all ages.

Because the product is a trampoline park, a sense of constant movement pervades the entire brand. A sporty kangaroo character with complementary logotype, colors and brand elements came together in a solid, memorable marketing identity for this emerging franchise.


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