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At Rivers Agency we know how important first impressions are.  For a lot of businesses, the website is the first thing a potential customer sees. You can’t be sure what device they’ll be using so your website should look as great on a smartphone or a tablet as it does on a laptop. With responsive web design, you can be sure that the first interaction a user has with your website is the best possible experience, no matter which device they are using to access your content.

Responsive Design enables your site to fit perfectly in any screen size. It’s one website that works perfectly on all devices. The responsive method detects the characteristics of the connecting device (such as screen size) and displays the page and information in the most appropriate way for that size. This means that as new devices come out, no changes are needed to make your responsive website work well on them. In other words, this is a very cost effective approach in addition to being user-friendly.

Technology is always changing and new devices for viewing content are continuing to expand (example: iPad mini).  By designing your website to fit optimally in any size device you are taking a “future-friendly” approach. In the future, we may see devices like TVs, watches, mirrors, cars, plus more and more sizes of tablets, computer and smartphones. The old method of creating a unique site for each type of device becomes impractical, if not impossible, as more and more devices come out.

Not only are you making things better for your users and yourself with responsive design, you’re improving SEO as well. A responsive site means no duplicate content to maintain and no duplicate URLs to keep straight. This lets search engines find and present your content more easily and accurately and means that users won’t have to worry about which version of your site they are accessing  – the mobile version vs main site version. There is only one site with responsive design. Even better, you won’t need to waste programming time keeping two sites functioning side-by-side.

And, keep in mind the new stats just released – 80% of all online traffic will be on some sort of mobile device by 2014. That’s only 13 months away.

We’re finding more and more clients are aware of the changing ways users are accessing their content and we’ve started rolling out responsive websites for many of them. If you’re ready to make your website friendly to all devices, let us know, Rivers Agency is here to help you build a responsive web site!

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