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When looking for an advertising agency to elevate your business and strengthen your brand, your team deserves a group of digital experts who are equipped with the talent and creativity to develop an unbeatable advertising strategy. The advertising agency your brand chooses should not only have the technical talent to develop a marketing plan that will showcase your brand’s products or services in a way that people can’t help but notice, but the agency also should have the creative capacity to meet complexity with innovation. In order to do so, the advertising agency your brand selects to elevate your business should offer an extensive list of skills and services to give your brand’s products and services the discoverability it deserves. Here are the services your brand needs to look for in an advertising agency.

Branding strategy

Your business can’t have an effective advertising strategy without developing a branding plan that tells your story in a cohesive and compelling way. The advertising agency you choose should have a team of creative strategists, designers and developers who can consistently communicate your brand to your audience with purpose, consistency and customized interactions.


The advertising agency your team chooses to elevate your brand should have a creative group of storytelling gurus who can communicate your brand with creative and original copy. Your advertising strategy needs to include the development of on-brand, inspired and compelling content to breathe life into your ads, catch your target audience’s attention and strengthen your brand.

Graphic design

Your advertising tactics need to include the development of a highly visual experience to captivate your target audience and enhance your digital marketing strategy. Stunning, attention-grabbing graphic designs are essential to an effective advertising strategy because lively illustrations play a key, calculated role in brand storytelling. From hand-drawn comics to digitally animated characters and more, the advertising agency your brand chooses should have a wide and versatile graphic design skill set to make sure your business stands out against the competition.

Print layout and design

Your brand’s advertising campaigns need impressive print layouts and designs that demand customer interaction, compel loyal followers and drive your business forward. The best advertising agency should be able to produce clean, user-centered print layout and designs to enhance your marketing strategy.

TV, web and radio spot production

In today’s world, your brand needs the ability to market itself across all mediums. Whether you’re seeking to create a brief commercial spot or full-length informational video, your business needs an advertising agency that has the skills to help you make a strong, positive impression with script writing and production services that position your brand at center stage and generate results.

Rivers Agency is equipped with the most talented and creative advertising experts in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area. We are a full-service, in-house group of advertising enthusiasts who know how to expand your brand’s presence and create more meaningful connections and interactions with your audience. In the market for an advertising agency? Let’s talk.

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