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Rivers Agency is a full-service advertising agency with a reputation that reflects our strengths and our distinct personality. We have a proven history of providing innovative, attractive designs that represent the capabilities and values of our clients through clear navigation, user-friendly features and flawless coding.

We are your source for web design in the Triangle. Our clients range from local business and non-profits to large, national corporations and public figures, needing web sites from a simple HTML visual presence to huge, content-managed sites with thousands of pages. Boasting a design team bursting with creativity as well as expertise in strategic marketing and visual communications, Rivers Agency is able to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the appearance and tone of each web site design.

Cervical Cancer-Free America

What does it take to go from concept to completed project?

When Rivers Agency first meets with a new client, we begin a process of discovery. It is our aim to find out exactly what kind of purpose the web site will fulfill, who the target audiences may be, what technical capabilities are required, and if new or updated branding is needed.

Based on these discussions, we then compose a thorough proposal including project timeline, cost estimate, and site map. The proposed site map explains the navigation and components of the web site – we know that the visual communication of information must be intuitive and easy to use and understand.

Carrboro Family Pharmacy

When the navigational site map is approved, our team of graphic designers create web site mock-ups for client viewing. We always provide a variety of options for home page and interior page views. With edits, changes and approval, we then complete the programming necessary to create a fully functional web site.


As with any art form, basic design and color principles apply when creating a custom web design. We abide by the law of the 3 “F’s”: Form Follows Function. When the function, or purpose, of the web site is determined, we then create an attractive visual form to house that mission.

Web design should be especially conscious of space, color, unity, contrast, proportion and balance. For example, contrast is the occurrence of differing elements, such as color, value and size. Contrast creates interest and pulls the attention toward the focal point.

Balance in web design helps with the visual flow of images and information. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial. Balance also refers to a sense that dominant focal points are not overbearing in the general design. Balance can be achieved by the location of objects, volume or sizes of objects, and by color.

Community Home Trust

So if you think it’s time to better represent yourself or your company visually – or if you just need an updated and improved online presence – remember Rivers Agency for your Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Raleigh, and Durham web design experts.


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  1. By Tamara Watson,
    February 8, 2011 @ 12:56 pm

    I want to thank the entire Rivers Agency staff for working with my nonprofit to create a BEAUTIFUL, user-friendly site. This site is so warm, inviting, and functional. Staff worked with me to teach me the skills I needed so that we are now able to update our site internally, something we were unable to do before!

  2. By Brenna,
    February 8, 2011 @ 1:43 pm

    Rivers Agency’s website are an impressive combination of functionality and aesthetic. I’ve never heard them say “we can’t do that”!

  3. By vanessa woods,
    February 8, 2011 @ 2:52 pm

    You guys are amazing – these are beautiful!

    New Business