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My Diabetes Connect Homepage

In conjunction with The American Academy of Family Physicians and Cities for Life, Rivers Agency has just designed and launched, a new website that connects residents of Birmingham, Alabama, with resources that promote healthy living and responsible diabetes management. As the nation becomes more and more focused on making wellness a priority, this is the kind of site people are looking for: interactive, easily searchable and tailored to the individual. The site’s landing page, for example, lets visitors search by keyword or location or date, allowing users to access the information most relevant to their particular needs and interests, whether that’s general information on nutrition, upcoming classes and seminars or health screenings in their neighborhood.

Users of the site can also sign up for alerts, a monthly summary of new resources that match the user’s profile and interests. Another unique aspect allows users to contribute resources for possible inclusion on the site as well as rate and review the previously posted resources, creating a sense of community that fosters communication and feedback. Plans are also in the works for forums that will further open lines of communication, keeping visitors to the site in touch with healthcare staff from the community who will be available to answer questions and help people locate the resources they need to effectively manage their diabetes and lead healthy and hopeful lives.

Dr. Andrea Cherrington worked closely with us in creating Both she and her father, Dr. Alan Cherrington, have long been at the forefront of diabetes prevention and management, as detailed in this article from the Vanderbilt Reporter. It’s been an honor working with such a leader in healthcare, and we couldn’t be happier about being part of a movement to help not just individuals, but an entire city, to eat right, get active and learn more about the benefits of making healthy choices.

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