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For the Rivers Agency team, working from home isn’t all about catching a little bit of extra shut eye or spending the day on video conferences still dressed in our pajama bottoms.

While these past few weeks have dramatically disrupted our routines, the Rivers team has found the silver lining in all this quiet time at home. With the time saved on daily commutes, kids’ carpools and social engagements, we’ve found the extra hours in our abodes have provided fertile ground for connecting with old hobbies and exploring new interests. These creative outlets are keeping our minds fresh and our thinking inspired so we can continue to bring breakthrough ideas to our clients.

Starting his morning with a cup of coffee is par for the course, but Dan is taking his morning routine up a notch. Each day, he’s been perfecting his French Press method using James Hoffmann’s technique to get the best tasting, sludge-free cup of joe. When paired with his miniature breakfast charcuterie — inspired by his video work for Hampton Farms — he gets the day off on the right foot every time.

Without meetings to walk to and stairs to climb at the office, our executive creative director is finding novel ways to keep those creative juices flowing. During mini-breaks throughout the day, Sarah heads outside to jump rope. She likes how the fresh air and surge of energy shakes loose new ideas—while improving her mood. And her calves.

Nuno, a senior graphic designer, juggles work and three active kids. It’s been years since he picked up a paintbrush, but he’s been using his newfound time at home to tap into a long-hidden talent. Inspired by the great jazz artists who typically fill the streets of New Orleans for Jazz Fest at this time of year, he brought his love of music to life in this large-scale canvas.

The music emanating from Lawson’s house is the sound of her violin coming out of a 15-year hiatus. From the age of six through high school, she played the instrument on a weekly basis. While she has fond memories of her childhood musical experience, she’s found drawing the bow across the strings isn’t just like riding a bike! And just in case her musical capabilities don’t return as fast as she’d like, she’s got her eyes set on another goal: The 30-Day Handstand Challenge.

Never one to waste a minute, art director Claire is embarking on an ambitious bathroom renovation and outdoor projects. Between sessions of ripping out old vanities and replacing fixtures, and rebuilding planter boxes and fences, she and her husband are enjoying walks through their neighborhood, where “teddy bear hunts” are a fun distraction for the local kiddos.

For Paul, it’s the small things that have helped him enjoy his time at home, literally. When he was a kid, one of his favorites hobbies was building model cars. Since the “stay at home” order started, he stumbled across a stash of kits buried in his closet that he’d picked up over the years but never had the time to start. Already on his third car, with each displaying beautiful artistry and attention to detail, it’s no wonder this model car hobbyist grew up to be a designer.

The pandemic has slowed Katy down to never-before-seen levels of leisure. With her planned triathlon now canceled, her evenings have been freed up for playing Scrabble (you can take a copywriter out of the office, but not the love of words out of the girl!), cribbage, yoga and jigsaw puzzles.

Ali is also enjoying some friendly competition—hosting virtual game nights with her friends. They’ve found that Codenames works just as well over Zoom as it does in person. She also has had time to return to her culinary roots, whipping up Chicken Adobo with an insane sauce and a very tasty Masoor Dal, which she would gladly eat for days.

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