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Brands know that the e-commerce platform they select for website development is critical to a customer’s shopping experience. Magento is an open-source, SEO-friendly, scalable platform with a highly customizable e-commerce experience. Ask these nine questions to help you choose the best Magento website developer and give your users an unbeatable shopping cart experience.

Are you Magento Certified?

First, ask a potential Magento website development agency about their certification and experience using the platform. Is the agency you are considering a Magento Solutions Partner? Are the website developers building your e-commerce store certified Magento developers? If so, what percent of the website development team is Magento certified?

Rivers Agency is equipped with a team of certified Magento developers who know how to bring your business to the next level with a UX-first approach that is customized for your brand.

How long have you worked with the Magento platform?

A concrete indicator of skill is experience. Find out how long the Magento agency has worked with the Magento platform to get a feel for the experience and expertise level they bring to your website development project. Website development is not mastered overnight, so the more experience Magento developers have with the platform, the higher quality the e-commerce site will likely be.

Rivers Agency has built hundreds of customized Magento websites that bring consistency to your brand, are mobile ready and make your customers’ online shopping experience a seamless journey.

Do you have any completed Magento projects to use as a reference?

Ask to look at previous Magento projects to see the capabilities and talents of potential Magento website developers. An agency’s previous projects should give insight on the design, customization and configuration that their team can provide your brand.

The Magento development team at Rivers creates sleek and timeless e-commerce interfaces that make brands’ identities truly connect with their customers. We created a Magento site for Charles & Colvard that gives their customers a revolutionized platform to experience their brand. The Charles & Colvard Magento website has seamless navigation, modern, minimally structured landing pages and razor-sharp, in-environment photography. The fresh, airy design of the Charles & Colvard website brings the customer’s shopping experience to life in a way the user can almost touch.

How do you handle quality assurance and perform tests?

Beyond researching finished website projects, ask the Magento website developer about their quality assurance process. Be sure their tests cover design issues, development errors and UX/UI problems as they arise. Web development comes with all kinds of hurdles, so the Magento developer you choose needs to have trustworthy processes in place that ensure a flawless e-commerce site for your brand.

As our first priority, Rivers Agency is committed to delivering quality Magento sites to our customers. We test every site before launch to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are exceeded.

How do you communicate with clients?

Communication is key when it comes to website development. Before you begin working with a Magento website developer, make sure the agency you choose has open and transparent communication policies in place. Open communication ensures a seamless production process that meets your expectations and produces an e-commerce site your brand can be proud of.

The website development team at Rivers works with you from start to finish to visualize your brand’s mission and to ensure your business model is reflected in the completed e-commerce site. We rely on communication with our clients to receive feedback throughout the web development process and provide ongoing support after your e-commerce site is live to make sure your Magento site exceeds your expectations.

What training do you provide clients for using Magento?

Choose a Magento website developer who understands that your team should be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to propel your brand going forward. Look for a Magento developer who offers their clients a training program to provide brands with the tools to operate their Magento site at its full potential.

If you partner with Rivers, you will have access to the best Magento training courses out there. We offer Magento U classes to provide training for every role in your business, so your brand will have the skill set to keep your e-commerce experience ahead of your competition.

What does the design/development process entail, and how long does it take?

The Magento website developer you choose to build your brand’s e-commerce site should have a detailed design/development process prepared, so you know exactly what is involved and what to expect. Before making your final decision, consider which aspects of the design/development process your brand would benefit from the most and how long the process should take from start to finish. Choose the Magento developer that complements your brand’s needs and fits your timeline.

At Rivers Agency, our Magento website development process follows these four steps: assess and strategize, design and develop, launch and integrate, and optimize and grow. We develop Magento websites to be market-ready at launch and optimized across mobile platforms with an unparalleled, exquisitely branded design.

Do you work with customized themes or start from scratch?

When it comes to getting the e-commerce site your brand needs to expand your digital presence and make customers click more than ever, customization in website development plays a crucial role. Ask your potential website developer if they use customized themes or start from scratch to gain insight on the type of sites they build and how much freedom you will have in creating an e-commerce site.

With Rivers, you’ll find fully-customized sites that are developed with your exact specifications and designed explicitly for your brand. Each site we create is designed to complement the brand and push forth the identity of your business.

Do you provide cloud hosting for Magento sites?

Ask your potential Magento developer about their cloud-hosting capabilities, so that you know your e-commerce site is accessible, safe and secure after launch.

At Rivers, we’ve done the research to make sure we host your site on the most reliable and scalable cloud-hosting services available. We work with you to ensure your Magento site is secure and accessible around the clock.

Putting it all together

Choosing a Magento website developer can have long-term effects on your brand and your business, so make sure you choose an agency that gives your brand the e-commerce presence it deserves. Rivers Agency has the skill set required to build your brand a Magento site that is adaptable, scalable, multi-dimensional, cross-functional and unique to your business model. Sell more, save more, do it faster – and do it right. That’s the Rivers + Magento advantage.

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