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Innovation on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus is more widespread than ever thanks to an empowering university-wide initiative. But when it came time for the Vice Chancellor’s office of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development to create a physical, immersive makerspace where the UNC community could imagine, design and create things, they reached out to Rivers Agency for help.

We worked with a large campus committee to create a new identity that would help define and establish a makerspace that’s instantly recognizable for its superior programs and facilities and sets UNC-CH apart as a leader in innovation.

The ultimate solution was BeAM, a pronounceable acronym formed from the initials of the action slogan “Be A Maker”. It also happens that BeAM is a verb that captures the idea of shining a light on creativity, collaboration and innovation at UNC and a noun that describes a key structural element.

Our branding and design team put a lot of hard work into BeAM, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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