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At Rivers Agency, we pride ourselves on providing customers with exceptional design, advertising and public relations services. Rivers Agency’s work during the 2008 High Point Market was no exception. Preparing fully for fall 2008 events took careful planning and consultation with our clients.

Weeks in advance, Rivers Agency staff was busy creating artwork for showroom invitations, refining lists of prospective market-goers and targeting new audiences. Rivers Agency design staff conducted site visits to help our clients plan showroom layouts that were ideal for both visitor flow and collection highlighting, and several billboards and digital marquis designs were executed for prominent display near High Point’s Market Square.

Our public relations department worked closely with clients to determine which products would be featured during market, creating persuasive descriptions of fabrics, carpets and furniture frames to include in market press releases and press kits.

Before we knew it, High Point market had arrived and we were on site to conduct guided media tours through showrooms and to make sure that all of the details came together exactly as planned. Each publication editor or reporter received a personal invitation to view client products on display and were taken through the latest collections of interest to their readership.

We’re proud to report that despite the uncertain economic conditions, both of our High Point market clients, Capel and Taylor King, saw steady sales this year. Our High Point post-market follow-up is almost complete, but the next market is just around the corner – and we’ll be ready for it!

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