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A well-crafted website has the potential to become the most valuable asset to a business’s digital identity. However, a website is only as powerful as the experiences and interactions users have when visiting it. When it comes to cutting-edge website designs, there are certain user experience (UX) strategies your business should use to create the most stunning and user-friendly website designs. Here are nine tips to improve your website’s UX design.

Include a gradient

Color gradients seamlessly add depth and 3D elements to your website design without taking away from your brand’s message. Include a color gradient on your website pages to improve your website’s visual aesthetic and catch visitors’ attention across the screen.

Create attention-grabbing headings

Titles are one of the most important elements of crafting powerful content on websites. In today’s world, users want to spend as little time as possible searching for information on website pages, so make sure the content on your brand’s site engages your users within seconds by using large, attention-grabbing headings.

Use white space

The strategic use of white space in web design makes your brand’s website feel cleaner, crisper and fresher. While incorporating a consistent color scheme is important to the branding of your website, taking advantage of white space within your web pages instantly creates a more modern and attractive user experience.

Incorporate scroll-triggered animations

In today’s world, the best website designs use interactive elements to improve the relationships brands build with their users. Scroll-triggered animations are a powerful tool to keep users engaged as they navigate through your brand’s website.

Build a dynamic menu

A well-crafted navigation menu makes a website’s interface more user-friendly and the information easier to find. Your brand’s site menu should be dynamic and interactive to optimize your user’s experience when visiting and navigating throughout your website. Depending on your team’s aesthetic, consider incorporating a mega menu or an interactive menu into your website development strategy. A mega menu flows down vertically and expands horizontally across the screen to display numerous columns of content. On the other hand, an interactive menu expands when a mouse hovers over certain tabs and sections.

Design powerful calls to action

Every website should have a compelling call to action to encourage your users to interact with your business, build relationships and improve conversions. When developing your business’s call to action for your website, choose the colors and the message wisely. The call to action should incorporate effective, direct language and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Break up long text

In today’s world, users want the answers to their search immediately. Accordingly, a business’s website should be designed to deliver information as effectively and efficiently as possible. Make sure the text on your website is easy to read and pull information from by strategically breaking up long text with graphics, images, headings and white space.

Avoid stock imagery

Authenticity is one of the most critical aspects of a business’s digital identity, and a business’s website is no exception. Everything from the message your website delivers to the images you use on your web pages should authentically represent your brand. Use custom photos — and avoid stock imagery at all costs — to create real, genuine interactions with your customers.

Prioritize consistency

A business’s website should reflect its brand identity and message by using design elements that deliver a cohesive brand story. Prioritize consistency in color, content, language, font families and design throughout your website to create the strongest and most powerful digital experience for your users.

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