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Looking to boost product awareness and sales? Spoiler alert: the traditional method comes up short. When companies focus solely on their own narrow universe of customers, competitors and companies, they leave room for other opportunities to fall through. Brands now have to look at the bigger picture. Take the technological environment, for example. Technology’s increasing domination is causing companies to evaluate how a digitalized era is influencing customers’ product perceptions. If you want to target a specific customer type — even after segmentation — you must adjust your marketing mix to gain a competitive advantage. To do this, you have to get creative. Evaluating unique promotional strategies will help you appeal to these specific target markets and offer a product that customers value.

Considering Which Platform to Use for Promotional Strategies

Don’t underestimate the power of a calculated approach. You can take a marketing-oriented approach that aims to meet customers needs, or a product-oriented approach that tries to sell everyone with the same marketing strategy. Which strategy makes the most sense for your promotion? This choice makes it important to adjust your marketing mix to appeal to the specific demographics of the customers that you are trying to target.

In some circumstances, companies might see market development as an opportunity, using current products to appeal to new customers. This strategy is based around the question: how can I appeal to these new markets? If your goal is to appeal to new customers, you must consider what promotional and place strategies are being implemented to engage these specific targeted customers. Look at behaviors, demographics and geography. These distinct characteristics of target markets all influence which promotional strategies will be most effective in generating higher product awareness and increasing sales.

Putting it into Action by Using Twitch

Soon enough, strategy becomes reality. With the help of Rivers Advertising Agency, Hampton Farms, the leading roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States, was able to appeal to a new target market by promoting its peanuts on Twitch. This streaming service is used to watch and stream digital broadcast services, which created an opportunity for the peanut roasting company to enter a new space.

Hampton Farms’ goal was to appeal to young, male online gamers and younger audiences. Taking the company’s goal into account, Rivers stepped in to help create a campaign to increase product exposure, its online brand presence and social media influence. Rivers Agency chose Twitch to reach the selected audience and crafted a customized campaign for the platform.

The result? Hampton Farms’ social media following and product sales increased, and engagement in this new customer segment was developed.

Obtaining Tangible Results Through Digital Marketing Strategies

The million dollar question: how do you get results? For many, segmentation is the first step in a multi-faceted answer. Segment your customers based on specific demographic data. Understand who they are as a person, what they do and why they do it. Once you know this, you can then appeal to them with the correct marketing mix strategies: promotional, price, place and product. While comprehensive, this process creates a path for achieving tangible results and reaching a brand’s objectives.

The reality: Hampton Farms’ Twitch campaign grew its social media channels, earned more than 20,000 engagements on the platform and added around 1,600 new people to its email subscriber list.


Function of Creative, Digital and Social Media Agencies

If nothing else, avoid getting stuck in the ways of traditional marketing mixes and strategies. When you do, you fail to consider the changing needs of consumers and which channels may be most effective in growing a new base of potential customers.

Working with an agency is the perfect opportunity to break out of yesterday’s overused practices and gain a new perspective from industry experts. To help your company reach its goals, they strategize innovative, effective ways to promote current product offerings that will appeal to targeted customers and increase sales and brand awareness. At first glance, Twitch (an online gaming service) and Hampton Farms (a peanut producer) seem like an odd match, but Rivers, a leading advertising agency in Raleigh, was able to marry the two to create a unique promotional strategy to increase brand awareness in a newly digitized world.

Need help? We might be just the right fit. If you’re struggling to handle a marketing, public relations, graphic or any other creative project on your own, we’re here to help. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us. We can discuss your needs and dreams in depth and determine the next steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

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