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Until just recently, short-form content has been a dominating search engine optimization (SEO) strategy brands have used to engage more users and increase clicks through website pages. However, expect to see a rise in long-form content this year as search marketing experts are seeing a shift in the way consumers seek information and the way brands are communicating with their users. Now, searchers are looking for more extensive content and spending more time on websites to understand the message and services websites offer. Here are the benefits of using long-form content on your brand’s website.

The SEO Benefits of Long Form Content from Rivers Agency

Long-form content increases search engine crawling

Long-form content provides the opportunity for more extensive text that contains optimized keywords and phrases, more thorough schema markup implementation and a higher number of backlinks. Accordingly, correctly written and optimized long-form pieces contain higher-quality content that can increase shares, clicks and traffic to website pages. The more well-optimized information your brand’s website pages provide, the more readable and engaging your website pages are for both consumers and search engines.

Long-form content boosts social media sharing

Longer form content on website pages offers more opportunity to engage, interact and spark conversation with your consumers about your brand. If the information on your site is both thorough and shareable, more conversations will be generated around your brand and shared across platforms. The more social media sharing your brand’s website receives, the more visible your brand becomes online.

Long-form content improves chances in voice search ranking

Voice search is making huge impacts in search marketing this year and changing the way consumers are interacting with online content. Because voice command searches are phrased in a more conversational manner than typed searches, content on website pages also should be more conversational and easy-to-read so that search engines find it relevant for specific voice command searches. Longer-form content offers this opportunity to provide more cohesive information in a conversational manner.

Long-form content adds credibility to your brand

Long-form content gives your brand the chance to build an online reputation that is credible and authoritative. When search engines recognize long-form content on a website, they may index that webpage as text and establish your brand as a thought leader on a particular topic. Thought leadership improves your authority on certain topics and increases your rankings on SERPs,

Long-form content extends time users spend on your brand’s website

Long-form content narratives give brands the opportunity to develop and share their story with consumers in a way that adds meaning and value to your business. Well-written long-form content can connect with consumers on a more personal level and capture and engage visitors on your site for longer periods of time. The longer users are engaged on your site, the more likely they are to convert to a lead.

Need an agency who can generate long-form content to bring your brand top visibility, authority and improve your rankings on search engines? Rivers Agency is a team of in-house website developers and creatives who can share your brand’s message to targeted audiences. Let’s work together!

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