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Google is the world’s largest stage for advertisers, capturing more than 80 percent of search network market share. To get your ads front and center with the audiences you need to reach and maximize your ad spend, partner with a firm, like Rivers Agency, whose team doesn’t just do Google Ads—they’re Google Ads certified.

With more than 2 million websites in its display network and a host of products, Google’s ecosystem is as robust as it is complex. Here are three reasons it pays to have a team of Google Ads-certified professionals running your campaign.

#1 Breadth and Depth of Knowledge in Google Ads Best Practices

Google offers six assessments to credential expertise in its advertising products and services. Users start with Google Ad Fundamentals, which covers best practices for managing and optimizing online campaigns.

Additional accreditations can be earned in:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

Rivers has seven team members who have earned all six certifications. This ensures our clients are fully leveraging the potential of Google’s ad network, building campaigns strategically and optimizing them to maximize performance.

#2 Staying On Top of Google Ads Trends and Technology

The Google network is perpetually evolving, so Google Ads certifications are only valid for 12 months after the exam date. Certificate holders must retake and pass the assessments each year to maintain their accreditation, ensuring they are well-versed in any changes, trends, new offerings and evolving best practices. Google also provides training, webinars and live Q&As that Rivers taps into regularly to keep our skills sharp year-round.

#3 Improved Google Ads ROI

With in-depth knowledge of Google Ads’ entire platform, Rivers’ certified professionals have a holistic view of all the products available to achieve your campaign’s goals. We can wield our expertise to build a dynamic plan across Google’s network that reaches and engages the targeted audience, and then apply best practices for optimizing the campaign and its creative throughout the buy. These targeting and optimization techniques minimize waste and maximize your return on investment.

In addition to having a team of Google Ads-certified professionals, Rivers Agency is a recognized Google Partner. Earning this badge verifies our agency has team members with Google Ads certifications, we’re managing a minimum threshold in monthly ad spend, and we’re consistently delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth that maintain and grow our customer base.

If you’re looking to dominate search rankings, home in on discrete audiences, optimize your website for search or boost sales, Rivers Agency is your Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham Google Ads expert.

Rivers Agency is the premier marketing agency for Raleigh, NC, Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC and Carrboro, NC.

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