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Looking for a stand that will work with your brand new TV? Check Amazon. Wanting to get a better look at the specs of that smart watch you’ve had your eye on? Take a scroll through Amazon’s product page and the thousands of product ratings and reviews. Need a new suitcase for that trip coming up in a few days? Amazon is the name of the game with Prime’s 2-day shipping feature.

With the rise of home delivery services in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, online retail giant Amazon has continued to see business surge. The millions of items available “from A to Z” have many consumers now consulting the e-commerce leader for initial product research with a high purchase intent, forgoing the typical Google search.

What does this mean for the advertising industry? In order to maximize our clients’ success, we stay up-to-date on current consumer marketing trends through a variety of approaches, online retail being one of them. Whether you’re looking to add a massive retailer to your distribution channel or take the leap into e-commerce — or even if your business is already selling on Amazon — we’re here to help. An ad agency can help you leverage your multiple marketing mediums to generate sales and maximize return on investment (ROI).

What Makes Amazon Unique?

There are properties unique to selling and marketing on Amazon beyond what meets the average consumer’s eye. Ever wonder how Amazon knows to recommend products that accompany your purchase or why the price of that coveted item in your cart changed? Amazon has data — tons of it. The beauty of this asset is that you can tailor your marketing to your audience and boost earnings. Amazon couples its loads of data with dynamic pricing to make millions of price adjustments per day, while maximizing profit margins with a “high-runner” strategy. This information and ability creates an unmatched opportunity for your business to strategically price and market products on an expansive retail platform.

The average consumer may fail to notice how millions of items appear in a uniform manner on Amazon’s website, but businesses play a key role in creating product pages consistent with Amazon’s seller guidelines. With nearly two million sellers on the marketplace, you want there to be some indication of organization. Amazon is unique in that it requires multiple standards for product image content, resolution and the description space. The 1000 pixel by 1000 pixel minimum resolution of exclusively the product with a white background and a five-bullet point availability within the description demands the individual seller’s responsibility to display its products in a cohesive format. On top of this, Amazon regulates manufacturer warranties and upholds strict guidelines for user data protection.

So, how can an ad agency help you tackle these protocols? Just like with any other marketing or sales medium, we provide services such branding, content creation and copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing and web design, development and management. We can help your business strengthen its identity, visibility and messaging while generating sales and managing the details. You can count on us to assist you in launching your business as a seller on Amazon, managing your product sales and creating your business or product pages.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

Think Amazon just does the selling? Think again. Amazon Advertising is a tool you can conveniently use as a seller on Amazon to have all of your advertising efforts for the platform in one place. This platform replaced the previous Amazon Marketing Service (AMS), now  providing a self-serve advertising medium on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis through keyword and product category targeting. As a seller, you can purchase paid ads such as headline search ads, sponsored products and display product placement. AAP employs Amazon’s consumer data that allows businesses to better understand their audience’s shopping habits and develop compelling strategies.

When you work with an agency, we’ll do the heavy lifting on research and assist you in choosing the best method of advertisement for your company’s success. We can also leverage your marketing beyond Amazon’s platform with pixels, retargeting or “cookies” within AAP pixel requirements. We’ll help you understand and manage the various advertising metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) so you have the feedback you need to tweak strategy for the future.

Promotions on Amazon

Now that we’ve covered the Price, Product and Place of selling and advertising on the Amazon marketplace, it’s Promotion’s time to shine. Although Amazon has many rules and regulations, you still have the flexibility to leverage promotions beyond paid advertising to drive more users to your business and product pages. Through promotional opportunities such as the Amazon Affiliate Program, Early Reviewer Program and Lightning Deals, you can get creative with how you appeal to your target customers and get the conversation on your product started.

Ad agencies can step in especially on this part, with the talent readily available to craft and manage persuasive campaigns, generate fresh ideas and measure success. We’ll make sure you’re working with the best affiliates or influencers, devising fascinating stories and maximizing your returns on promotional deals.

Need help? We might be just the right fit. If you want an agency partner who can optimize your  advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns, we’re here to help. Learn more about our creative services or feel free to contact us.

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