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Curious to know what it costs to build an Apple iOS or Android mobile app for your business? Depending on the size, layout and features you have in mind for your mobile app, the total price of the mobile app development can range from $50,000 to $1 million. Here are the key factors that will help you estimate the cost of development for a mobile app.

What Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App? | Rivers Agency

What type of app are you building?

Do you want your app to be compatible with Apple iOS devices or Android devices or both? Apple iOS apps have a more engaged user audience, but Android apps have a broader reach globally. If you choose to develop an app that is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS devices, you will have a higher chance of reaching your widest customer base.

How big is your app?

The size of your mobile app determines the work that is required for development from start to finish. A smaller app size has two to three key feature screens, while a larger app has around four to seven feature screens and the largest apps have eight or more screens. The more key feature screens your app requires, the more complex and extensive your app will be.

Do you need an app icon developed?

The app icon is the first impression of your brand that a user will see. So your app icon graphic design should be impressive and stand out from your competition. Your app icon needs to be refined, crisp, clean and reflect the mission of your brand. If you haven’t designed an app icon in-house, you will need to include icon design as part of your mobile app development process.

What is the level of your UI?

The UI design determines the user’s visual experience when using your mobile app. UI designs range anywhere from basic and raw to professional and refined. A high level of UI complete with animations, transitions and a crisp, polished aesthetic takes more time in development hours. Establish the visual experience you want your users to have and work your design expectations into the development process.

Do users need to have a mobile app login?

How do your users enter your mobile app? Do they need to log in with a username or email? Do users need to access your mobile app using their existing social accounts? Integrating a login setting will increase the usability and functionality of your mobile app development. Incorporating an email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or any combination of these login integrations improve your user’s personalization and app experience.

Do users create personal profiles?

Enabling a user profile option on your mobile app leads to higher user engagement and enables your customers to more effectively interact with your mobile app. If your user profiles are also visible by other users within the app, you will need to consider what information and data are made public on the app and which information is kept private.

Do you want social sharing available on your mobile app?

Social media integrations can improve your mobile app’s chances of popularity by redefining your mobile app usability, increasing exposure and enhancing your user experience. As a result, social integrations like in-app messaging or sharing with social networks within your mobile app can increase the connection your customers form with your business in some of the most compelling and effective ways.

Will there be user-generated content in your mobile app?

User-generated content (UGC) is the content available on your app that users create on their mobile app profiles, dashboard or feed of recent activity. UGC is the most authentic source of content and includes posts, messages, images and videos created by your customers. Incorporating UGC features like posting, sharing, ratings and reviews, the ability to tag content or enabling user settings such as notification limits can indicate a more trustworthy measure of a user’s satisfaction with your app and increase brand engagement.

Does your app need a calendar?

Including a calendar feature is another price consideration in the development of your mobile app. Do your users need to create personal calendars within the app or do you need to include a calendar to keep track of user appointments or bookings? Calendar features within your app can offer your users exclusive access to event or appointment management and customizable personal schedules.

Does your app need geolocation?

Location settings within a mobile app, whether it’s the primary function or just a supporting feature, can make your app widely usable and keep your users engaged. Geolocation settings can display a current user’s location, show custom markers on a map, and enable you to push coupons or sales based on app user’s location. Including map data and geolocation services within your mobile app maximizes your brand’s services and accessibility.

Will your app have e-commerce?

Does your app need an e-commerce integration where users can access their shopping cart or payment processing? Will you be selling a recurring monthly subscription through your mobile app? Enabling in-app purchase features gives your mobile app users a complete e-commerce experience — all on one streamlined app interface.

Where do you want to save your mobile app data?

Saving your app data via a hosting service keeps your information safe and secure. Depending on the size of your app and demand for server capacity, your app should be stored in either a cloud database or a dedicated server. A cloud database is scalable to fit your mobile app needs, so you aren’t paying for empty space. Dedicated servers in some instances can provide lower costs than cloud services.

Do you need to have API integration?

Does your mobile app require interaction with other third-party platforms? API integration makes content easily accessible across platforms, increases user engagement and is necessary for linking out to other apps. API components within a mobile app can increase your business’s efficiency and expand your brand’s reach.

Does your app need to connect with your website or CMS?

Connecting your app to your website will require additional integrations that come with a cost increase. However, connecting your app to your website or CMS will enhance your app’s ease of use and improve the content that’s available on your mobile app.

Does your app need to be multilingual?

Increase your mobile app’s reach by making your app internationally available. Multilingual apps gain more traction and give your brand a competitive edge. Translate your mobile app into multiple languages to expand your brand’s reach, increase usability and make your app globally accessible.

What level of security do you need for your app?

The security of your mobile app is an important factor to consider when planning your mobile app development process. Securing your users’ information is required for the success of your mobile app. Equip your mobile app with an SSL certification or a two-factor login system to maximize the security of your mobile app.

What level of administration do you need for your app?

Managing the mobile app content at the system level requires varying degrees of administration and user rights. Mobile apps can be built with an administration platform designed for measuring user analytics and performance or even moderating content on your app.

Should users be able to link to other resources from the app?

Linking to other resources from the app contributes to the overall user experience and improves user usage and engagement. Enable a linking feature to other blogs, calendar events, another app user, a user location or other external resources from your mobile app to increase your app’s integrity and scalability.

What level of analytics would you like to capture?

What kind of analytics do you need to measure the function, usability and success of your app? Basic analytics, like OS, device and screen usage measurements, give you a general overview of the traffic and stats of your mobile app. More in-depth analytics, such as button tracking, conversions and custom integration, will give you insight into the behavior, reach, impression and success of your app.

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