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woman writing on a notepad

Public relations professionals handle a lot. One of the things they do most is talk and interact with the media. In his article about interacting with the media, Kevin Sangsland said “When dealing with the media, the quality of your interview is the currency of your reputation.” And it’s true — one bad interview could… Read More

man being interviewed along river in miami

It might sound cliché, but here at Rivers Agency, we love what we do. We are passionate about helping our clients meet their goals by providing them with only the very best marketing solutions. This week, we had the opportunity to travel to Miami work with a group of people who are just as passionate… Read More

twitter bird holding a sign saying follow me

Twitter can be a great tool to get news and information about your client, company or business. But tweeting is a waste of time if no one is reading what you have to say. The key to success in the world of Twitter is to have a lot of followers. The more followers you have,… Read More

river's agency barcode

Suddenly little black and white boxes with a coded image are popping up everywhere. Best Buy has them alongside products in their stores, and they are included on promotions, advertisements, and applications to read the codes are available in multitudes for the different brands of smartphones. But what are these little code boxes, and what… Read More

kiip logo

As a person – and a consumer – out in the public sphere, you’ve likely noticed that advertising has become a lot more complicated and much more omnipresent these days. It’s easy to be nostalgic for the days when reaching an audience was simpler – it’s not that advertising was easier, but campaigns didn’t require… Read More

wooden wagon full of social media icons

Companies no longer strive to sell only a product or a service; they aim to sell a brand. A major focal point of branding for organizations is public perception. You may be wondering how a company controls its brand image. It’s simple – social media. Some companies reject social media while others embrace it and… Read More

closeup photo of various types of keys

Everyone takes important steps to keep themselves safe at home and out in the world. Why would you neglect your safety online? Whether you are the owner of a web site or just browsing online, you are subject to the dangers of hackers, viruses, web site errors and data loss. Here are some helpful hints… Read More