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A strategically written mission statement has the potential to inspire an audience and transform a business. The best mission statements determine a company’s direction, guide a business internally and reflect important values to prospective customers. Your brand needs a cohesive mission statement that clearly defines your business’s values, shapes your branding strategy and company culture, clarifies your brand goals and resonates with your target audiences. Not sure where to start when creating your company’s mission statement? Here are four questions your mission statement should answer about your brand.

What products or services does your business provide?

First and foremost, what does your company do? What kind of products or services does your business provide? Your company’s mission statement should clearly define what services your business offers to its customers. Don’t be vague. Explicitly state what your brand does for your customers to keep your company focused on business objectives.

Who is your business’s target audience?

Who are you trying to sell your brand’s products or services to? Clarify your business’s target audience in your mission statement to form connections and stand out amongst your potential customers. By including your brand’s target audience in your mission statement, your users immediately see themselves as a contributing part of your brand.

How does your company stand out from your competitors?

Your mission statement should highlight what makes your brand special. Why should people engage with your brand over your competitors? What sets your business apart? Don’t forget that your competition targets the very same audience, so your mission statement needs to clarify what products or services your business does better, faster or cheaper.

What value does your business bring your customers?

Finally, your mission statement should clearly explain the value your business adds to your customers’ lives. Find out what’s important to your customers and use your mission statement to inform your target audience about how your business’s mission aligns with those values.

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