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With the wide variety of marketing roles represented in companies today, you might ask: why hire an agency? Beyond developing a product or service, marketing is one of the key forces that drives these offerings into the hands of the public. Whether you’re launching a start-up, running a small business or managing a larger corporation, you’ll have to plan where to turn when the time comes to really sell your product or service.

So, why an agency? An agency gives you options. Advertising agencies provide you with a flexible, contract-based opportunity to grow your business. Instead of employing an entire marketing department, your business can save time and money while reaping countless other benefits when taking its marketing out-of-house. In addition to creating value for your business and successfully reaching consumers, hiring an ad agency provides numerous advantages. 

1. Save Time, leverage our 28 years of experience and knowledge

As every professional knows: time is money. Advertising can be an involved, extensive process, and to be done strategically it requires research, campaign development and execution, and ROI evaluation. This can become an extremely time-consuming portion of your business ventures, especially when employees are wearing multiple hats. By outsourcing marketing with an ad agency, your business can forego the long hours required to properly train staff in the various marketing specialties. And, we have been trained on-the-job in advertising everyday since 1993. You will benefit greatly from our years or experience and the knowledge that we have gained. Collectively, our team at Rivers Agency of 44 artists, illustrators, strategists, designers, developers, PR, social and digital marketing specialists have over 600+ years of experience in advertising and marketing. We can easily get your marketing plan kicked off fast, and we have the know-how to pick up a project and run with it at any phase — beginning, middle or the last, most important 15% to the goal line.

Agency Experience Recap

2. Save Money

If you want to create a great profit margin, your marketing shouldn’t break the bank. In many situations, ad agencies can help you save money. When working with an agency, you are able to consult with the team and select services tailored to your budget. Each marketing tactic should come with a cost benefit analysis. Example: What is the ROI of doing the photoshoot each year? What parts of your new campaign are working? What needs to be optimized? Is your company’s branding differentiated in the market? Do you look like every other competitor?

3. Work with Industry Experts

Hiring an ad agency lets you work with the best in the industry. A team of creatives offers a range of specializations and experience in areas from web or Magento design and development to identity, illustration and SEO. This experience coupled with the unmatched connections and relationships with media producers, outlets and others in the industry makes an ad agency the top choice for your marketing expertise. We only work with hard working and talented stars within each area of work that we touch — creative direction, strategy, design, public relations, search engine optimization, Magento programmers, WordPress programmers. After 28 years in advertising, we make it an absolute point to only work with the best in the business.

4. Use the Best Resources

Not only do agencies have leading industry experts, they also tend to have the latest and greatest resources. Working with an ad agency gives your campaign access to the most recently updated marketing software, reports, trends and research so you can sit back and watch your business soar. For example, when we run an Amazon store for your company, we ensure competitive success by using platforms like,

5. Get Outside Opinions

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes. Ad agencies give you the opportunity to gain insight and drive your marketing from an objective, unbiased perspective. We get it; it’s easy to get comfortable with where you’re sitting, and a lot of times, your business is all you know. Instead of employing the same people to do the same thing every day, let an ad agency take over with new approaches, strategies and ideas. Example: Fantastic Sams ad campaign (

6. Keep Your Content Organized

Businesses have a lot to juggle, without even considering marketing. Ad agencies are a great option to help carry the load and keep all of your priorities in check. Using an agency for your various marketing needs allows you to pass over the responsibilities of advertising or campaign schedules, content management systems, social media management, SEO and analytics. Example of social planning and posting organized for our client in this image below.

7. Gain a Holistic Approach to Marketing

We’ll let you in on a secret: no successful campaign comes from just the advertising itself. Collaborating with an ad agency gives you a better look at the bigger picture because your business’ success is reliant on more than simply creating the campaign. Ad agency work takes an all-inclusive approach to marketing, focusing on the before, during and after. From discovery sessions, research and consulting, to development, management and evaluation, agencies take approaches from every angle. At Rivers, we live and breathe our client’s work. An example of this is our relationship with our first client, Capel Rugs. We started working with Capel in 1993, and we are fortunate to still work with Capel today. Our client’s success is tied directly into our success at Rivers. We internalize and think through all aspects of our client’s and their customers needs daily.

8. Measure Growth and Reach Goals

Agency work isn’t just campaign- or project-based, it’s growth-oriented. We want to see your company succeed and exceed its goals. To ensure your time with an agency is worthwhile, we track our performance on each of your goals. Based on what’s important to your brand, various key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and analytics can be monitored to specifically gauge the effect of all marketing efforts, and determine where campaign optimizations should be made.

Need help? We might be just the right fit. If you want an agency partner who can optimize your  advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns, we’re here to help. Learn more about our creative services or feel free to contact us.


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