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Doug Nelson Google Review

  See the work Finding the right ad agency for your company’s needs can be a challenging task. Type the words “ad agency” into a Google search, for example, and you’ll get more than 2 billion results. From here, you’ll see everything from giant media conglomerates and high-profile advertising agencies to small shops specializing in… Read More


The Challenge The iconic Smarties® candy roll has been filling trick-or treat-bags and satisfying sweet tooths year-round for over 50 years. Smarties’ management realized that their e-commerce efforts had become compromised by their aging Magento website, which was expensive to maintain, Flash-dependent, not mobile friendly, and required code to be written for even minor customization…. Read More


The Challenge Hampton Farms, the leading roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States, is headquartered in Severn, North Carolina. Hampton needed help with their digital presence and creating a brand guide to implement changes across all of their online channels. The Solution With the goal of elevating Hampton Farms’ brand positioning, Rivers Agency created… Read More


The Challenge The health care industry is perpetually researching innovations and processes to improve patient care and outcomes. Through a multi-year collaboration, the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Minnesota, and the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management developed a new process and tools to integrate… Read More

Creativity still thrives despite pandemic’s challenges Some say that innovation has slowed down in America. They argue that today’s science isn’t as groundbreaking, inventions aren’t as exciting, or that we’ve learned all that we can. However, we at Rivers Agency respectfully disagree. Innovation is alive and well. This can be seen through the constant creativity of businesses worldwide. Take the Virgin Hyperloop project,… Read More

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The financial services industry is an increasingly crowded space. Traditional banks, credit unions and financial institutions are competing against new fintech entrants who are disrupting the industry and siphoning away customers. Now more than ever, a strong brand and clear message are key for cutting through the noise to reach and retain customers. When building… Read More