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2018 is seeing a rise in specific search engine optimization (SEO) trends that influence the way search engines read and understand website pages. Because the online experience is now more visually and technologically advanced than ever before, one of the biggest SEO trends that is gaining traction this year is an increase in video search. Brands need to optimize their video production process to ensure their website pages earn top visibility for targeted searches. Here are a few tips to improve your video search engine result page (SERP) rankings.

Better SERP Results with SEO Optimized Videos from Rivers Agency

Produce videos with value and intent

Businesses should produce shareable videos with the intent of adding quality and value to the brand. The more high-quality videos a brand creates, the bigger impact it has on its users. Create videos with an emotional connection to your brand’s audience to build relationships with customers and to increase shares, clicks and website traffic.

Take advantage of keyword labels

Maintain top visibility for your brand on search engines by optimizing the use of keyword labels and providing the necessary descriptions to help search engines index your videos. Keep your videos relevant by continually adding applicable tags, keywords, descriptions, title tags and file names to make it easy for search engines to crawl.

Create 2-minute videos

The length of your video matters. A recent study that analyzed more than 550,000 videos for video engagement compared to video length shows that videos lasting around two minutes have the best engagement. After two minutes, the engagement drops off significantly and does not flatten out again until the 6-minute mark. The takeaway? Keep your videos close to 2 minutes or in the 6- to 12-minute range.

Include a video transcript

Search engines cannot listen to the audio on your videos, but they can read video transcripts. Provide a transcript of your video to increase its search engine readability. If search engines have a better understanding of the content in your video, it is more likely to show up in targeted searches.

Choose the right thumbnail

The thumbnail of a video is the viewer’s first impression of the content in a video. Therefore, high-quality, customized thumbnails should grab the audience’s attention at first glance. A brand should choose a thumbnail that best represents both the content of the video and the message of the brand.

As technology is advancing, high-quality videos and enhanced graphics are the new standard for impressive brand websites. Your business needs to ensure the videos your brand produces improve your SERP rankings by employing intentional SEO strategies.

Looking for an agency to earn your brand top visibility on search engines? Rivers Agency is a team of the most talented SEO experts in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area who can optimize your business’s website through strategic SEO implementation. Let’s work together!

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